British ‘Glamor-Puss’ Lands Book Deal


A cat from a small town in England has gotten the opportunity of a lifetime: She is sharing the story of her life in a book that will be released later this year.

Sex and the Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir documents the social life and travels of Nancy, a black cat living in the town of Harpenden.

Nancy’s caretaker, Melissa Tredinnick, noticed the cat’s outgoing and curious nature when she was still a kitten. By six months of age, Nancy was known to hop into parked cars and hitch rides to other people’s homes, area businesses, and even pubs. Of course, these adventures occasionally had the unfortunate outcome of leaving Nancy stranded miles from home.

Even Nancy herself knew she had a special destiny. She says in her memoir that she always felt different from other cats. Her feline neighbors seemed quite content to hunt mice and bask in the sun, but I knew I had a calling for something bigger, Nancy recounts. The mantle of wunderkind weighed heavily on my narrow shoulders and as time went on I felt it was my duty to spread my wings.

Nancy soon became so well-known that Tredinnick set up a Facebook page documenting her adventures.

“Was discovered taking a nap in next door neighbor’s bedroom yesterday. Well, they did leave their window open. That’s an invitation in my book,” a recent status post read.

But Nancy’s ambitions went beyond a mere Facebook page. Soon her caretaker set up a blog and a Twitter account to help the wandering feline share the story of her day-to-day life.

Here’s one of Nancy’s recent tweets: “Owner wants to enter me for TV show ‘My Cat From Hell’. Told her she can do so if I can enter her for ‘My Owner From Hell’. #bloodycheek”

Soon enough, Nancy’s adventures attracted the attention of an editor at Plume Books, and the wandering moggy was offered a book deal. Sex and the Kitty will be released this September in the UK, United States and Germany.

I found it surprisingly cathartic to write,” Nancy says in her memoir. “It was the perfect way to digest the day-to-day-dramas of my life. Everything from niggling irritations with my owners, or with Pip, to humorous accounts of my adventures around town … I started to feel like Bridget Jones as I recounted embarrassing yet amusing anecdotes in my journal.

Nancy lives with Tredinnick, her husband and children, and a non-celebrity cat named Pip.

Nancy has kept up her frenetic social lifestyle and we still get several phone calls a week from people saying she has made her way into their home and is refusing to leave,” Tredinnick said. The only difference now is that most people seem to have heard of her and know how she operates. So, to a certain extent, we don’t worry about her so much when she disappears.

Thanks to helpful locals and her I.D. tag, Nancy always manages to find her way home — even if it does take a couple of days.

“Back now. Was road-testing a potential new time-share owner on Waldegrave Park. Still open to applications, though,” a recent Facebook update read.

[Sources: St. Albans & Harpenden Review and publisher’s press release]

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