Karri's Pillows black cat pillow.
Karri's Pillows black cat pillow.

Black Cat Art & Décor — 11 Items Purrfect For Your Home

Artwork and décor featuring black cats will look stunning in your home this fall — and year-round. Check out some of our chicest picks!

As fall approaches, we see lots of seasonal black cat merchandise, including Halloween decorations and costumes. While this is a great time to snap up some fun black cat items, the beloved house panther makes for an excellent decorative accent year-round.

Black cats are a popular subject matter for artists to paint, draw and photograph, often capturing their mysterious quality. The simple silhouette of a black cat makes for the perfect decorative touch without being overly kitschy.

Here are some examples of black cat-themed art and décor that are as elegant as the cats that inspired them.

Black cat throw pillows & wall clocks

A simple throw pillow for your sofa or a clock for your wall adds a touch of black cat flair. There are tons of designs to choose from ranging from abstract silhouettes to realistic portraits. Find the perfect style to suit your taste.

1. Loftipop throw pillow

Loftipop throw pillow.
Loftipop throw pillow.

Black cat silhouettes create an intriguing pattern on this throw pillow from Loftipop. loftipop.etsy.com

2. Karri’s Pillows black cat pillow

Karri's Pillows black cat pillow.
Karri’s Pillows black cat pillow.

This comfy pillow from Karri’s Pillows features a regal black kitty portrait. karrispillows.etsy.com

3. Birdsland wall clock

Birdsland wall clock.
Birdsland wall clock.

Keep time with this black cat wall clock from Birdsland. birdsland.etsy.com

Ceramics & statues

From coffee mugs to dishes, ceramics featuring black cat images or in the shape of black cats are both enjoyable and functional. These little touches along with purely ornamental black cat statues make you smile as you go about your daily routine.

4. Embie Design mug

Embie Design mug.
Embie Design mug.

Enjoy your morning coffee in this cute black cat mug from Embie Design. embiedesign.etsy.com

5. Lucky Lucky Cat statue

Lucky Lucky Cat statue.
Lucky Lucky Cat statue.

Some cultures consider black cats to be very good luck! This all-black Maneki Neko statue from Lucky Lucky Cat is sure to bring you good fortune. luckyluckycat.com

6. Lauren Sumner Pottery black cat dish

Lauren Sumner Pottery black cat dish.
Lauren Sumner Pottery black cat dish.

Here’s a simple black cat ceramic dish from Lauren Sumner Pottery that’s perfect for storing rings and other small jewelry. laurensumnerpottery.etsy.com

Black cat art prints

Art prints featuring black cats are easy to find in any style from traditional to modern and any media from watercolor to block printing. What could be more elegant subject matter than these fantastic felines?

7. Dex Mex black cat print 

Dex Mex black cat print.
Dex Mex black cat print.

For the mid-century modern enthusiasts, here’s a retro-style print featuring a cool black kitty from Dex Mex. dexmex.etsy.com

8. Prestige Art Studio three-piece print

Prestige Art Studio three-piece print.
Prestige Art Studio three-piece print.

This three-piece print of an original black cat watercolor by Prestige Art Studio has a minimal style with lots of personality. prestigeartstudio.etsy.com.

9. Little Ram Studio black cat print

Little Ram Studio black cat print.
Little Ram Studio black cat print.

Black cats are excellent subject matter for linocut prints, like this one from Little Ram Studio. littleramstudio.etsy.com

Other wall decorations

Spruce up any wall quickly and easily with black cat vinyl wall decals or paper garlands. These types of decorations are inexpensive, and they’re simple to change so you can always have fun new décor to enjoy.

10. Nutmeg Wall Stickers black cat sticker

Nutmeg Wall Stickers black cat sticker.
Nutmeg Wall Stickers black cat sticker.

There are tons of fun vinyl wall decals featuring black cats in a variety of poses like this one from Nutmeg Wall Stickers. nutmegwallstickers.etsy.com

11. XOT Barcelona paper party garland 

XOT Barcelona paper party garland.
XOT Barcelona paper party garland.

Paper party garlands, like this one from XOT Barcelona featuring cute black kitty heads, are inexpensive and easy to hang for adding a splash of kitty décor. XOTBarcelona.etsy.com

Thumbnail: Photography Courtesy Karri’s Pillows 

Kate Benjamin has been writing about feline design since 2007 and is co-author with Jackson Galaxy of two New York Times best-selling books, Catification and Catify to Satisfy. Get more of Kate’s feline design tips at hauspanther.com.

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  3. I am the Cat Mom to 9 fabulous felines (5 girls and 4 boys). Of that four are all black and one is black and white. A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover any more than a cat by its color. If a black cat is ruled out as a possibility for being adopted strictly for being black, then it’s your loss. Enough said.

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