All cats in Belgium will be required to have microchips. Photography ©PeterHermesFurian| Getty Images.
All cats in Belgium will be required to have microchips. Photography ©PeterHermesFurian| Getty Images.

Belgium Mandates Nationwide Spay and Neuter Policy

Belgium will soon require all its cats to be spayed or neutered and microchipped. Find out more about the policy and the repercussions for noncompliance.

By 2020, all 2 million cats in Belgium will be required to be spayed or neutered. This includes all cats born in Belgium, as well as any cat brought into the country that will be staying longer than 30 days.

The new laws aim to combat overpopulation at animal shelters. Additionally, all cats will be required to have microchips, and the chips will contain the cat’s spay/neuter status. All microchips will be part of a centralized database called CatID.

The first-time fine for noncompliance is 50 euros; the penalty may be increased all the way up to 10,000 euros.

Thumbnail: Photography ©PeterHermesFurian| Getty Images.

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4 thoughts on “Belgium Mandates Nationwide Spay and Neuter Policy”

  1. I totally agree with what Belgium is doing I wish that would become law here I live in apartment complex and there is one tenant in here who collects cats does not get them spayed or neutered and they keep having kittens and kittens and kittens and when they can’t find homes for them they take them over to a park and deposite them there and leave them my question is how can this law stop people from collecting cats like that and How are they able to prove somebody actually owns a certain cat and it not be claimed to be someone else’s feral cat I always believe you acquire an animal you are responsible to the very end for that life

  2. Cats die. If lucky, of old age, if not, of cars and wild predators. Where I live there is a desperate shortage of them. Kittens on Craigslist are gone in minutes, sometimes fetching $200 apiece, and adult cats are not much easier to get, the shelters being nearly empty. Our queen gave birth to six this morning; her previous 14 kittens (three litters) were all over-subscribed, and I had to be careful not to invite anyone to my house if I didn’t have a kitten for them.

    Inb4 we are not degenerates breeding kittens for drug money. I and my children handle them daily from as soon as their fur is dry so they learn to love and trust people (and their mom is totally OK with this, she trusts us too). No cages; kittens have free run of the house but are not allowed outside because most of them will live in apartments after adoption.

  3. I agree, this appears to be a wonderful start at a horrendous problem, hope the rest of the world will follow suit. Yay Belgium and North Texas

  4. Wonderful news!

    When are we going to get that here?

    Us North Texans got legislation past requiring spay and neuter, (and we’re very proud), but a nationwide push is needed.

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