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Nutrisource Cat Food Review of 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

nutrisource food review

Nutrisource Cat Food Review of 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Nutrisource Cat food a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Nutrisource is an all-American pet food brand, and they’ve been making pet foods in the same small town of Perham, Minnesota, for three generations, starting in 1964. Nutrisource produces several cat food formulas, and you can choose from a range of dry kibble with chicken and rice, salmon and liver, and even duck.

Plus, you can choose special formulas for seniors and kittens or grain-free options for those who want to avoid feeding their felines grains. Of course, dry food isn’t all that Nutrisource makes. They also have wet canned cat foods, including several flavors like chicken, turkey, and lamb.

However, what makes Nutrisource special isn’t their selection, it’s their quality ingredients and well-crafted recipes that are designed to truly meet your cats’ nutritional needs, unlike many commercial foods that utilize cheap fillers and have nutritional content that’s not appropriate for felines.

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At a Glance: The Best Nutrisource Cat Food Recipes:

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Nutrisource Chicken And Rice Formula Dry Cat Food Nutrisource Chicken And Rice Formula Dry Cat Food
  • Uses quality whole-food ingredients
  • Lots of animal-based protein
  • 32% protein and 19% fat
  • Second place
    Nutrisource Gf Country Select Nutrisource Gf Country Select
  • All-Natural
  • Lots of animal-based protein
  • Third place
    NutriSource Grain Free Turkey & Turkey Liver Select Canned Cat Food NutriSource Grain Free Turkey & Turkey Liver Select Canned Cat Food
  • Very low in carbohydrates
  • Made with primarily animal-based ingredients
  • PureVita GrainFree Chicken Entree Dry Cat Food PureVita GrainFree Chicken Entree Dry Cat Food
  • Great for cats on a grain-free diet
  • 3 of 5 main ingredients are animal-based
  • High in protein
  • Nutri Source Cat Senior Weight Management Chicken-Rice Food Nutri Source Cat Senior Weight Management Chicken-Rice Food
  • All-Natural
  • Chicken meal is the #1 ingredient
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    Nutrisource Cat Food Reviewed

    Tuffy’s is a major pet food manufacturer that produces pet foods under various labels. In bigger stores, such as supermarkets and feed stores, you might see Tuffy’s Supreme or Tuffy’s Gold. But if you’re looking for premium pet food options, including Nutrisource, you’ll have to look in pet specialty stores.

    You won’t find Nutrisource in any big box store, that’s for sure. Let’s look at Nutrisource cat food and see if it’s worth the trip to the specialty pet store and what kind of nutrition it can provide your cat.

    Who Makes Nutrisource & Where Is It Produced?

    Nutrisource is produced by Tuffy’s Pet Food Inc., which is owned by KLN Family Brands. Originally started in 1964, Nutrisource has gone through several transitions and sales to end up under the KLN banner. Through it all, they’ve remained a company with small-town values and have always produced their all-American pet food in Perham, Minnesota.

    Which Types of Cats Is Nutrisource Best Suited For?

    Nutrisource cat food is excellent for cats at all life stages. From kitties to seniors, Nutrisource produces special blends formulated to provide precisely the nutrition that healthy cats need. Any healthy cat can thrive on Nutrisource foods.

    Even cats that are fed special diets will find a cat food that’s the right fit from Nutrisource.

    Which Types of Cats Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    Although Nutrisource is ideal for most healthy cats, it’s probably not the best brand to feed cats with medical concerns. Nutrisource produces formulas for healthy felines and specialty blends for kittens, seniors, or overweight cats. However, they don’t offer much in the way of foods intended for cats with medical conditions or other concerns.

    Nutrisource Gf Country Select

    For instance, cats with urinary issues, kidney problems, or thyroid issues might be better off with a pet food brand that’s meant to help with the medical issues, such as Hill’s Prescription Diet, which makes a Thyroid Care Canned Cat Food, a Kidney Care Cat Food, and several other recipes for cats with similar conditions.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good & Bad)

    To get a better idea of the overall quality you can expect from Nutrisource cat food, we will take a close look at the ingredients in one of their premier blends. The Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food is a popular formula that’s one of Nutrisource’s best-selling cat foods. The first five ingredients are found in the highest concentration in this blend, and understanding the ingredients will provide an excellent picture of the overall quality of Nutrisource.


    Anytime we check out the ingredients, we want to see a whole animal protein listed as the first and, therefore, most prevalent ingredient. Cats require protein from animal sources, which can provide nutrients they can’t get from plants, such as taurine. If your cat doesn’t get enough taurine, they could develop dilated cardiomyopathy.

    Cats’ protein needs are substantial, and having quality animal-based ingredients at the top of the list is vital for cat food. In this case, chicken is the primary ingredient. It’s not a by-product or a low-quality replacement; it’s real chicken, which is ideal for cats.

    grey cat licking lips after eating cat food from bowl inside on floor
    Image Credit: mik ulyannikov, Shutterstock

    Chicken Meal

    Chicken meal is listed as the second ingredient in this Nutrisource cat food, which is another win in our book. A chicken meal is packed with protein and is far better than a lower-quality replacement such as a chicken by-product meal. But what is a chicken meal? It’s a rendered chicken product made from chicken flesh and skin without the bones.

    Basically, it’s the leftovers from the chicken used for human food, which means it’s a high-quality but low-cost animal-based protein for your cat. It’s rendered, and all the chicken used for the meal is ground up and cooked for hours until it dries up and creates a powder that’s then used in dry foods such as this kibble.


    47% of commercial dry cat foods include rice as an ingredient. That doesn’t mean it’s a great choice for cats, but nearly half of all dry cat foods contain it. Nearly a quarter of wet cat foods also contain rice, 23% to be exact. Rice is considered safe for cats to eat, but it’s not something that they need to consume, such as animal products.

    For the most part, rice is used as a filler and binding agent for cat foods, though it can also aid in digestion thanks to the high amount of fiber. Rice is a grain, and it might be a turnoff for those searching for grain-free foods, of which Nutrisource produces many. It’s still a better choice for cats than corn, soy, or wheat, which you won’t find anywhere on Nutrisource’s ingredients list.


    Peas are a legume used in place of grains in grain-free cat food blends. They have a high protein content for vegetables but don’t provide enough protein for cats on their own.

    cat eating food_ Seattle Cat Photo, Shutterstock
    Image Credit: Seattle Cat Photo, Shutterstock

    Luckily, as the fourth ingredient on this list, peas aren’t the main protein in this food. Still, they’re a carbohydrate, and cats don’t need many carbohydrates. Plus, the protein from carbohydrates like peas isn’t as usable for a feline. However, peas are relatively high in fiber, which helps this blend to keep the fiber at a reasonable 5%.

    Chicken Fat

    Cats don’t need to eat too much fat in their diet. Instead, protein is their primary energy source. Still, when eating animals, cats consume a decent amount of fat. Nutrisource’s blend contains 19% fat, which is reasonable for cat food. Chicken fat is an excellent source of fat since it’s easily digestible and contains high amounts of essential fatty acids. Plus, it provides lots of flavor to appeal to a cat’s tastes.

    You’ve Got Plenty of Options

    One of the great things about Nutrisource cat foods is that they provide plenty of options. Whether you want to offer your feline loads of flavor choices or you’re looking for something specific, like a grain-free formula, you’ll find several recipes from Nutrisource that should fit the bill.

    Excellent Macronutrient Ratios for a Feline

    When looking at any cat food, we always try to gauge its quality from a health standpoint. Aside from the ingredients, which we’ve already looked at, you can tell a lot about cat food from its macronutrient breakdown. Macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and understanding their ratios can give you an insight into how healthy a particular food is for your feline.

    ragdoll cat lying relaxed in the garden in summer
    Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

    Cats need a lot of protein and a decent bit of fat. Carbohydrates are not necessary for cats, but many commercial cat foods still contain a lot of carbs. This is especially true of dry cat foods that require a carbohydrate binder to keep the food together. When you look at the nutrition label for any cat food from Nutrisource, you’ll see that they include high amounts of protein in every blend, far more than many of their competitors.

    Since cats require so much protein in their diets, we’re always pleased to see it. In the Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food above, you’ll find 32% protein and 19% fat. Granted, that still leaves 49% remaining likely filled by carbohydrates, but 32% protein is far more than you’ll find in most dry cat foods.

    19% is a reasonable amount of fat, showing that Nutrisource’s macronutrient breakdown was designed for cats’ health and not just for maximum profit, as carbohydrate fillers are far cheaper than quality animal proteins and fats.

    Quality Ingredients & Devoid of Cheap Fillers

    Once you start reading ingredient lists on different cat foods, you’ll start to see which brands are cutting corners by using cheap fillers in place of quality ingredients. You can’t tell from the macronutrient breakdown; you must look at the ingredients.

    On Nutrisource ingredients lists, you won’t see low-quality ingredients and cheap fillers. There are no by-products, and whole ingredients are used instead of cheaper filler materials. The first ingredient listed is always an animal protein, not a cheap substitute.

    Premium Quality Comes With a Premium Price Tag

    While Nutrisource isn’t the most expensive brand, it’s certainly not the cheapest. If you want high-quality recipes, you’ll have to be willing to pay a premium for them. But for us, the quality speaks for itself when you look at the ingredients and nutritional analysis. Few commercial foods offer the quality you’ll get from Nutrisource.

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    A Quick Look at Nutrisource Cat Food

    Nutri Source Cat Senior Weight Management Chicken-Rice Food

    • Many formulas and flavors to choose from
    • Nutritionally constructed for optimal feline health
    • Contains no corn, wheat, or soy
    • The ingredients are all-natural
    • It’s pricey

    Recall History

    Despite Nutrisource’s many decades in the pet food industry, they have no reported recalls that we could find.

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    Reviews of the 3 Best Nutrisource Cat Food Recipes

    1. Nutrisource Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

    Nutrisource Chicken And Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

    The chicken and rice formula dry cat food blend from Nutrisource is one of their best-selling and most popular cat foods. It’s also one of the brand’s more affordable options. With chicken, chicken meal, and chicken fat all listed within the five main ingredients, it is ideal for cats and contains plenty of animal-based protein to keep your feline healthy.

    With 32% protein, it’s formulated for optimal feline health. There’s also a reasonable 19% fat content, mostly from quality animal sources like chicken fat. Because of that, there are plenty of essential fatty acids in the recipe. Plus, the taurine content is a minimum of 0.15%, ensuring your cat doesn’t become taurine-deficient.

    However, 49% isn’t made up of fats or proteins, so there’s a rather high carbohydrate content. Still, you’ll find that in most dry cat food, the carbohydrates are ingredients like rice and peas.

    • Uses quality whole-food ingredients
    • Lots of animal-based protein
    • 32% protein and 19% fat
    • 3 of the top 5 ingredients are animal-based
    • Contains plenty of taurine and essential fatty acids
    • Contains up to 49% carbohydrates

    2. Nutrisource PureVita Grain Free Chicken Entrée Dry Cat Food

    PureVita GrainFree Chicken Entree Dry Cat Food

    PureVita is a grain-free line of premium cat foods from Nutrisource. The formulas are a bit pricier than others from Nutrisource. Still, they follow the same high-quality standards that other Nutrisource foods are held to. Three of the first five ingredients are animal-based, with chicken and chicken meal occupying the top two spots.

    As you might guess from using so many quality animal-based ingredients, it is high in protein at 32%. It also contains 18% fat and a minimum of 6.5% crude fiber. Furthermore, there’s 0.15% taurine and 2.9% Omega-6. But this is just on par with other Nutrisource blends, and we’re not sure it’s worth the higher price tag, even though it’s still a great cat food.

    • Great for cats on a grain-free diet
    • 3 of 5 main ingredients are animal-based
    • High in protein
    • Contains sufficient taurine and essential fatty acids
    • It’s one of the more expensive options

    3. Nutrisource Grain Free Turkey & Turkey Liver Select Canned Cat Food

    NutriSource Grain Free Turkey & Turkey Liver Select Canned Cat Food

    For those who prefer to feed their felines canned wet food rather than dry kibble, Nutrisource has grain-free turkey and turkey liver select. It has far fewer carbohydrates than any dry foods and is packed with vital nutrients. With a 78% moisture content, 10% protein, and 9% crude fat, there’s only 3% left for carbohydrates, and since 1% is fiber, only 2% can be other carbs.

    Looking at the ingredients list, you’ll notice that animal-based ingredients still play the primary role. The first three ingredients are turkey, turkey broth, and turkey liver, followed by natural flavor. Despite being full of animal-based ingredients, this blend is lower in taurine and essential fatty acids than Nutrisource’s dry cat foods.

    • Very low in carbohydrates
    • Made with primarily animal-based ingredients
    • Lower in taurine and essential fatty acids
    • It’s mostly moisture

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    What Other Users Are Saying

    We’ve spent a lot of time researching Nutrisource cat food, and we’ve seen how many cats react to it. Over that time, we’ve developed opinions about Nutrisource. However, we understand that our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter. To bring you as much information about Nutrisource cat food as possible, we searched through Amazon reviews to see what other cat owners with first-hand experience thought about it.

    The vast majority of reviews were positive for Nutrisource products. Cat owners saw various improvements in their pets, from a reduction of vomiting and loose stools to shinier, softer coats. While most users commented that their finicky feline eaters enjoyed Nutrisource, a few said their cats would not eat it.

    To read more reviews about the Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Cat Food, click here.

    For more reviews regarding the Salmon and Liver Formula Dry Cat Food, follow this link.

    On Chewy, results were largely similar for Nutrisource cat food:

    “My cats and kittens LOVE this food! It doesn’t have any corn, soy, or wheat and they all have solid poos. I am very excited to have found a quality product that I can rely on! I also use this brand for my dogs! They don’t have to eat as much of it to be full, and they all have sleek, shiny coats and are so healthy!”

    For more reviews on NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food check out this page.

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    If you’re looking for a premium cat food that you can trust with your cat’s health and don’t mind paying more, Nutrisource is a brand worth checking out. They use quality ingredients and no cheap fillers, providing cats with exactly the nutrition they need. Because of that, many cats seem to have a much easier time digesting food from Nutrisource than other brands. Overall, we think it’s an excellent option worth the slightly higher price.

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