Catster Exclusive

Texts from Mittens: The Emergency Coding Edition

Mittens needs a code system for his drama, Drunk Patty smells like a dead animal, and Stumpy says Mitty's not fancy. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Jun 8th 2016

No surprise: Mittens’ life is fraught with emergencies. He’s finally decided it’s time to begin coding them so everyone knows the severity of one. Sounds like a great plan. right? Mitty thinks so. The trouble comes when he realizes coding is a daunting task that cannot possibly have adequate outcomes.

Speaking of emergencies, the dog and Drunk Patty show up smelling like they rolled around on something dead. Mittens is certain his delicate sniffer will never recover. I mean, really? What’s a cat to do? It’s so hard to be the only refined one surrounded by barbarians.

And once again, our pal Mitty questions his fanciness and toughness. Thankfully, Mom puts his mind at ease.

Here’s a closer look into the latest atrocities surrounding our favorite texting cat.



"Code Red, people!"

“Code Red, people!”



"When I open my eyes, the smell will be gone."

“When I open my eyes, the smell will be gone.”



"Still tough as ever."

“Still tough as ever.”