10 of the Pinkest Cat Noses You Ever Did See


Who of us isn’t a sucker for extreme close-up pictures of cat noses? Those little pink buttons could melt even the hardest heart or cause someone to squee all over the place. I squee, you squee, we all squee for kitty noses!

Cat noses come in all colors — brown, black, orange, and white; some have spots and some have splotches … but for me, by far, the cutest kitty noses are candy pink. And the brighter the better!

Insert smooch here. Photo source: flickr.com via Avril on Pinterest

A few little spots to add character to this little button-nose baby face! Source: google.co.uk via Extend on Pinterest

Delicate powder pink to balance the fierce kitty fangs. Source: Uploaded by user via Linn on Pinterest

Look up there … BOOP! Source: dogtime.com via Colleen on Pinterest

Freckles and fancy lighting make for a fabulous nose shot. Source: instagr.am via Valerie on Pinterest

Mine-green eyes + blush-pink nose + snow-white fur = Purrfection. Source: contentinacottage.blogspot.com via Mengri on Pinterest

mr. pink nose

What’s black and white and pink in the middle? This kitty! Photo by Between Here and There.

upclose nose

I’ve noticed cat nose colors get softer when they are asleep or calm. Pay attention to your cat next time — you’ll see! Photo by henshuubyou.

Monty's Pink Nose

Monty the cat’s moist little schnoz. Photo by whooz_queen.

Hobo sticks her pink nose into the camera _0236

Hobo is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He has a hearty winter coat — and heart-shaped pink nose! Photo by CoastRanger.

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