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180 Urdu Cat Names For Your Beautiful Pet (With Meanings)

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Black Burmese cat

180 Urdu Cat Names For Your Beautiful Pet (With Meanings)

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is also spoken in Nepal, India, and other Asian countries, whether officially or unofficially recognized. Some cat breeds are wild hybrids, so an Urdu name might be fighting for some pets. Felines with origins in these areas include the Burmese, Persian, Javanese, Bengal, Balinese, and Arabian Mau.

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How to Name Your Pet

Many people let their cats inspire them, whether it’s with their behavior or looks. Sometimes, you just know what their name should be by looking at them or spending time with them.

It’s worth noting that felines learn their names over time. After all, they are intelligent animals and can learn to make associations between events and the sounds they hear. It doesn’t take long for a cat to figure out which ones mean good things.

With that said, pick something that is short and easy to memorize. However, also make sure the name is fitting for your cat in one way or another.

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Female Urdu Cat Names

  • Aaina: Reflection, mirror
  • Aamal: With aspirations
  • Aanisah: Young lady
  • Aara: Loving
  • Ada: Noble
  • Adjum: Star
  • Aila: Noble
  • Aisha: Loyal
  • Alesha: With God’s protection
  • Alveena: One who is loved
  • Amber: Reddish-yellow
  • Amelia: Trustworthy
  • Amira: Princess
  • Ana: Self-respect
  • Anila: Innocent
  • Anisa: Friendly
  • Anya: Graceful
  • Aroush: Heaven’s angel
  • Ayan: Blessing
  • Az Zahra: Intelligent
  • Bareera: Pious
  • Boushra: Mysterious
  • Daneen: Princess
  • Dilara: Beloved
  • Eliza: Chosen one
  • Emily: Flower
  • Erum: Paradise
  • Fabeha: Gifted
  • Fahmida: Wise
  • Farah: Joy
  • Fleur: Flower-like
  • Ghaydaa: Delicate
  • Habiba: Beloved
  • Haram: Gentle
  • Hana: Happy one
  • Here-Hana: Happy
  • Insiya: One who remembers
  • Kaarina: Pure
  • Kala: Strong
  • Kalila: Forever love
  • Karima: Generous
  • Leena: Mild
  • Lina: Fragile
  • Luna: Moon
  • Mahreen: Beautiful
  • Mysha: Happy
  • Najya: Victorious
  • Raima: Loving
  • Rameen: Obedient
  • Sadiya: Happy
  • Sahiba: Respected
  • Samra: Tan-colored
  • Sanjida: Quiet
  • Shanza: Respected
  • Sheeba: Beautiful
  • Sofia: Sage, wisdom
  • Sunny: Cheerful
  • Umaira: Long-lived
  • Zahira: Bright
  • Zurah: Divine
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Male Urdu Cat Names

  • Aabish: Lucky
  • Aafiya: Good health
  • Aaima: Leader
  • Achmed: Praised
  • Aifa: Of solitude
  • Ali: Noble
  • Alif: Loving
  • Alishba: Caring
  • Amin: Faithful
  • Amir: Prince
  • Anam: Blessed
  • Anam: Precious
  • Andel: Fair
  • Areeb: Skillful
  • Arzu: Desire
  • Atfat: Affectionate
  • Awamiri: Long-lived
  • Bahij: Brave
  • Beenish: Intelligent
  • Chawish: Leader
  • Choudhary: Reliable
  • Fahmi: Understanding
  • Fatin: Elegant
  • Fidvi: Willing to sacrifice
  • Ghazanfer: Brave
  • Ghiyath: Protector
  • Gulsan: Sensitive
  • Halim: Affectionate
  • Husnain: Handsome boy
  • Huzaifa: Wise
  • Ihsan: Kind
  • Khan: Princely
  • Loki: Rowdy
  • Mahnoor: Light
  • Marzuq: Lucky
  • Mashaal: Bright
  • Miral: Gazelle
  • Moiz: Honorable
  • Muhazzim: Conqueror
  • Nadhir: Cautious
  • Nnabhan: Noble
  • Nnabhan: Noble
  • Rabeel: Courageous
  • Rashad: Wise
  • Rohaan: Compassionate
  • Ruwaihim: Kind
  • Sahil: Leader
  • Salem: Peace
  • Shabab: Youthful
  • Sharmin: Modest
  • Tahir: Pure
  • Tahreem: Sacred
  • Tipu: Tiger
  • Tishk: Sunlight
  • Wareesha: Lightning
  • Yadid: Good friend
  • Yafir: One who makes an impression
  • Yamar: Lively
  • Yergha: One who strikes
  • Zauqi: Full of life
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Gender-Neutral and Unisex Urdu Cat Names

  • Aabroo: Honor
  • Afia: Problem-free
  • Afroz: Illuminated
  • Alauddin: Glory
  • Aleena: Pretty
  • Amama: Without an ego
  • Amir: Leader
  • Anoosha: Happy
  • Anum: Blessing
  • Areeba: Smart
  • Arham: Compassionate
  • Ateef: Compassionate
  • Awani: Helper
  • Awmar: Long-lived
  • Ayamin: Blessed
  • Azban: Sweet
  • Barjabeen: A bright star
  • Basim: Joyful
  • Bushra: Good news
  • Chashida: Experienced
  • Faisal: Decisive
  • Farid: Unique
  • Hamza: Strength
  • Hana: Bliss
  • Hania: Happiness
  • Ikram: Generous
  • Kareem: Noble
  • Kenza: Treasure
  • Khalisa: Clean
  • Komal: Beautiful
  • Laiba: Beautiful
  • Layla: Dark beauty
  • Memona: Blessing
  • Milo: Attentive
  • Mourib: Fluent one
  • Muskan: Happy-go-lucky
  • Nadia: Hope
  • Naznin: Delicate
  • Neha: Affectionate
  • Nizar: Radiant
  • Noor: Light
  • Rafiq: Friend
  • Rami: One who throws
  • Ramzan: Lively
  • Rania: Graceful
  • Rifat: Dignified
  • Ruman: Sweet
  • Safa: Innocent
  • Samir: Companion
  • Selim: Defect-free
  • Selma: Peaceful
  • Shahlyla: Princess of the night
  • Sultan: Authority
  • Taira: Flying
  • Tariq: Morning star
  • Val: Powerful
  • Yazan: Determined
  • Zaghloul: Youthful
  • Ziad: Prosperous
  • Zumurrud: Precious
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Final Thoughts

Naming your cat is a personal choice. It’s a big deal because it influences how you and others view and treat your pet. Many on our list are hopeful and positive, and they often wish for a healthy and long life. Others embrace the qualities we love and cherish in our pets. We can safely say they are expressive, even if some are tongue-in-cheek. All show the boundless love we feel for our cats.

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