Tussetroll and Tingeling: Fluffy Cats Find Mischief in Norway


Tussetroll and Tingeling are two cats with marvelous names who live out in Oslo, Norway. The former is a very fancy sounding Golden Shaded Persian, while his younger female friend is a striking black Scottish Fold with alluring (and almost cartoon-like) green eyes.

With these two cats’ social media status starting to skyrocket, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in their world.

Who is Tussetroll?

Image via tussetroll_and_tingeling Instagram

When it comes to Tussetroll’s personality, his owner Greta says that he’s a total character: “He’s very smart and also such an explorer. He wants to go on an adventure in the neighborhood every day and always finds a way over the tall fence — even if I try to prevent him from escaping. Some people say Persian cats are fine being inside cats, but that is not the case — he loves the outside life.”

When he’s embarking on adventures in the garden, you’ll find Tussetroll showing his affectionate side and staying close to his humans.

What’s behind his eye-catching name?

Image via tussetroll_and_tingeling Instagram

Wondering about the origin of Tussetroll’s terrific name? Well, it turns out it’s inspired by Norwegian folk stories that involve “fairy tales and trolls.”

Let’s meet Tingeling

Image via tussetroll_and_tingeling Instagram

Now that we’re up to speed on Tussetroll, it’s time to turn our attention to Tingeling. Straight away, Greta describes her as “such a girly girl.” Adding that she was the smallest kitten in her litter, Greta also says that she’s still on the diminutive side.

Oh, and if you were wondering, her name translates into Tinker Bell in ye olde English.

Sweetness is my weakness

Image via tussetroll_and_tingeling Instagram

“Tingeling is such a sweetheart,” explains Greta when asked to break down the black cat’s character further. “She is very playful, she acts in the most hilarious ways, and she also has a funny voice.”

Despite her comedic antics and high jinks, there’s also a serious side to this kitty. Greta points out that she’s capable of being “the most calm and sweet cat” who “loves to cuddle and sleeps most of the day.”

A good combination

Image via summerdaze_x Instagram

When Tussetroll met Tingeling, they bonded like a brother and sister. Greta adds that while on occasion they can act up and appear more like cat and mouse, at heart “they love each other even if they fight a little.”

Highlighting the difference in personality between them, Greta adds that “Tussetroll isn’t afraid of anything — sometimes I say he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — while Tingeling is the more careful one, even though she is quite tough as well.”

Christmas is coming

Image via tussetroll_and_tingeling Instagram

As the holiday season gets into full swing, you’ll find Tussetroll and Tingeling spending it with family that includes the former cat’s brother, Linus.

“They will of course get some special treats and lots of Christmas gifts,” adds Greta.

Follow the adventures of Tussetroll and Tingeling over at their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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