Thor and Tidus the Smush-Face Duo Dress Up on Instagram


Thor and Tidus are a couple of Exotic Shorthairs who love living it up on their Instagram account, entertaining their 25,000 followers with their antics. They live with their “peasant,” who presumably puts up with their demands to live a party-hardy lifestyle by taking any opportunity to dress them up in fancy outfits. It’s a give and take relationship that seems to be working.

Here’s the rest of what you need to know about Thor and Tidus.

Santa’s babies

Image via Instagram.

First up, let’s get the indignity part out of the way. During this Christmas season just passed, both Thor and Tidus were subjected to that most riotous of ruses — they were made to dress up in fancy costumes for the amusement of their human (or “peasant,” as they like to address their food supplier in their Instagram captions). It’s fair to say neither kitty was particularly amused.

Let’s meet Thor

Image via Instagram.

As you can see, Thor is the full-on party animal of the duo. Here our model of decorum has been captured in the aftermath of his New Year’s Eve celebrations — during which he quipped his New Year’s resolution is to “drink less next New Year’s.” In fairness, after the Santa outfit debacle, you can’t blame the guy for supping his sorrows away.

Thor also vowed that 2016 is going to be all about “having a fresh start to binge eating, boozing, and slacking off.” As if you needed to ask at this point, our feline friend is already on board with the drunk cats movement.

Now here’s Tidus

Image via Instagram.

Showing a little more maturity than Thor, here is Tidus dressed up and prospering as a unicorn. From his facial expression and demeanor, let’s assume that he’s the slightly more milder-mannered and mature one of the duo.

Taco Tongue Tuesdays

Image via Instagram.

Both of these Exotic Shorthairs are all about celebrating Taco Tongue Tuesdays with much enthusiasm and gusto. Here Thor and Tidus have been captured demonstrating some excellently coordinated double tongue-out action.

More tongue, vicar?

Image via Instagram.

Alas, just minutes later things turned sour as Thor embraced his inner diva to ruin a perfectly fine Taco Tongue Tuesday. Not cool, Thor, not cool.

The great toilet incident

Image via Instagram.

Sometimes a feline facial expression can, er, paint a thousand words. Other times, an Instagram caption says it all. The following tirade was unfurled during a close-up toilet run-in with the peasant: “Oh, for the love of cats! Cover yourself woman! That horrific image is blinding and traumatizing me! Can somebody give me an Ativan?”

Let’s wisely move on now.

A furry bromance

Image via Instagram.

Thor and Tidus are totally into each other — in a perfectly normal bromance kind of way. To that end, the following whispered exchange was recently captured on camera:

“Do you want to know a secret, Thor? You may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I still kinda love you a teenie weenie bit, furrbro. Not much, okay, just teenie.”

(All phrasing the cat’s own.)

Party on

Image via Instagram.

Around five weeks ago, Thor and Tidus decided to throw a party. What was on their essential shopping list? Food, booze, and decor. Let’s assume the cat-sticker-bedazzled ice cream truck took center stage in their celebratory shenanigans.

Just one more?


Look, he’s already at it again! Let’s just say that these cats are not exactly about enjoying anything in moderation and leave it at that.

Wobble over to Thor and Tidus’s Instagram account to secure your spot at their next shindig.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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