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Texts From Mittens: The Valentine’s Day Poetry Edition

Mittens can't perfect his Valentine's Day poem for Fiona, and Stumpy has overbooked himself on the big night. So much stress! Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Feb 3rd 2016

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and our pal Mitty is once again considering the perfect gift for his girlfriend, Fiona. He fancies himself the creative sort, so decides to go with a heartfelt poem; however, in typical Mittens fashion, he keeps running into roadblocks. Thank goodness for Mom’s guidance on this one.

Speaking of Mom, she still doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. This is annoying Mittens, because he really wants that candy box he’s sure her date will provide. Do you think Mom will allow Mittens to hop on her online dating profile and assist in the matchmaking process? Of course not.

Mom and Mitty aren’t the only ones with Valentine’s Day troubles — Earl has no girlfriend and Stumpy has too many ladies lined up for the big night. What an anxiety-ridden holiday!

Here’s a further look into this year’s Valentine’s Day Mittens mayhem.



mittens feet hearts

Mittens Loves Fiona




Too many dates = one stressed Stumpy.




Fiona’s ready for the big day of love.



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