Hank the Instagram Cat Loves Drinks and Animal Disguises


Hank is a rescue kitten who resides in the sun-kissed climes of California. Followers of his Instagram account know that this cat is all about climbing escapades and cuddle sessions. After tiring himself out furthering his noble pursuits, Hank likes to relax by quaffing down his favorite beverages. So grab a frosty glass and get ready to cheer it up with Hank.

Veni, vidi, vino!

Image via Instagram

When it comes time to wind down, there’s nothing Hank enjoys better than lounging around and enjoying a nice crisp glass of chilled white wine. (Well, at least relaxing with it, if not really drinking it.) Although in this picture above, our venerable host has just been struck by the realization that tomorrow will be Monday. It can be shocking when reality hits. Best open up another bottle, Hank.

Regrets? I have a few

Image via Instagram

It seems that Hank’s thoughts take a turn to the philosophical side when he gets into a vino state of mind. As he mused while enjoying his daily Chardonnay, “Rethinking some of the decisions I made this weekend…”

A six pack to go

Image via Instagram

While celebrating his fifth birthday a couple of months ago, Hank got into the swing of things with a personalized party hat and fancy ribbon. He also licked his lips and cracked open a bottle of Corona to cool off (by standing next to it).

Fun in the sun

Image via Instagram

Bottomless margaritas are also on the menu at Hank’s place — just be sure to adhere to the very strict dress code of comedy sunglasses and a Technicolor beach hat.

Independence ahoy!

Image via Instagram

Hank acknowledged the July 4th holiday by sprucing himself up in some patriotic colors and a terrific bow-tie. Celebratory libations flowed, to which Hank quipped, “Red, white and brews.” Always with the puns, Hank.

Battling the hangover

Image via Instagram

After the party comes the hangover. It’s a predicament that Hank tackles in an honorable fashion — by donning shades, holing up on the couch, and feeling sorry for himself. The use of a crazy cat lady mug keeps the recovery session classy.

Ready the melted butter

Image via Instagram

While hitting the beach scene recently, Hank got into character as that most sumptuous of crustaceans, the lobster. It’s a ruse that did not go down well with everyone, though, as cynical passersby caused Hank to rant, “Haters are going to say I’m not a lobster.” Keep the faith, Hank, keep the faith.

King of the seas

Image via Instagram

Hank is also a confirmed fan of Shark Week. As he geared up to celebrate all things shark-related this year, he dove into the shenanigans by cooling out in his own themed lounger. Looking sharp, Hank.

Thank me later

Image via Instagram

Sure, technically we’re smack in the middle of summer and thoughts of Thanksgiving are still far on the horizon, but let’s just say that this picture of Hank as a turkey is too good to overlook. What poise!

Skedaddle over to Hank’s Instagram account for more of his booze- and wildlife-related pictures.

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