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Pet Expo 2024: Africa’s Biggest Pet Event

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


Pet Expo 2024: Africa’s Biggest Pet Event

The annual South African pet expo, previously known as WODAC, The World of Dogs and Cats, has returned after two desolate years due to COVID restrictions. One of South Africa’s most exciting and vibrant exhibitions, loved by thousands of pet lovers for more than 20 years, has been forced to close its curtains. But now, they’ve returned! Bigger, better, and brand new—now known as PetExpo.

With over 400 dogs, 120 cats, and a reptile exhibit, Catster and Pet Keen had to go take a look and see what all the barks were about. And what a purr-fect event it was! A sunny winter’s day in Johannesburg, ideal for a 2-day outdoor pet expo. Isabel from Catster and Crystal from Pet Keen arrived bright and early to cover the event and film the official after-movie (check it out below!)

man holding a bird

“We thought we’d arrive extra early to get acquainted with the event grounds and set up all our gear. When we arrived, around an hour and a half before the opening, people had already queued up in the hundreds to get into Montecasino, where the expo was hosted,” said Isabel, Marketing Director here at Catster. “That’s when we got really excited!”

man and dog in competition

woman with her beautiful white cat

Kusa-affiliated all-breed championships, SA dog jumping and agility competitions, cat shows, live pet demonstrations, and a newly incorporated reptile and exotic pet hall. “We didn’t know where to start!” says Crystal, marketing manager for Pet Keen. 

They took off to the cat tent to check out some purebred Persians, Maine Coons, Sphynx cats, and almost every other cat breed you can think of. “It was so incredible to experience all these wonderful cat breeds in real life. I’ve never seen so many purebred cats in one tent!” 

grumpy white cat

young woman smiling at her pet cat

They got to interview some well-known cat breeders and cat show judges to find out more about the cutest competition on earth and what it takes to be South Africa’s most beautiful cat. “With so many beautiful cats, I don’t know how they choose just one. It was really intriguing to talk to some breeders and learn more about all the rules and regulations when it comes to judging all the different cat breeds,” says Isabel.

If you like petting dogs, then this expo is for you, with hundreds of friendly dogs greeting their paw-some fans in between shows and competitions. “We watched lightning-fast pups compete in SA show jumping and agility championships, and it was quite the nail-biter!” says Crystal. “Attendees really enjoyed the dog beauty shows, too. Perfect pedigree pooches all around. From tiny Frenchies to huge St. Bernards—there was a breed for everyone.”

girl with her long-haired dog

a cute brown puppy

And for those pet lovers who enjoy the exotic, feathered, or scaly more than the usual dog or cat, the reptile and exotic pet hall was a hit. Tarantulas, snakes, chinchillas, and parrots in various different sizes, shapes, and colors were a feast for the eyes. The brave could hold and touch some very interesting-looking creatures, and the curious could ask questions to pet experts and breeders from all walks of the pet kingdom. 

“It truly was a super interesting experience for the whole family!” says Isabel. “There were delicious food stalls and a beer tent to cater to the frisky and the thirsty. Shaded seating, clean portable bathrooms, and safe parking made the event really enjoyable and comfortable. We can’t wait to attend again next year! A big thanks to Montecasino, the event organizers, and everyone who came to compete and attend!”

There you have it, South Africa’s biggest pet expo in a nutshell—be sure to check out the official aftermovie below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! You can visit their website for more information about the expo details and upcoming events. Make sure to check out their social media pages for updates. 

Image Credit: All images were taken by Renier van Heerden


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