My Dream Man: My Cat, Only Human


I’ve thought a lot in the past about my perfect guy. I have requests: He’ll need to like to put away laundry (I’ll wash all day, but someone needs to deal with the clean pile). Cooking is a plus, not because I can’t, but because I don’t feel like it. It would be nice if he agreed with my snooze-button habit (five snoozes is the going average). He obviously needs to love cats.

Today, though, while I was taking a nap with my cat, Moo, I realized that my perfect other half would be just like Moo … only human. (Although, while Moo does love the snooze, I don’t know if he can cook or clean.) Here’s a list of Moo/my perfect guy’s characteristics:

Complete and total adoration. Moo gives me these looks. Adoration is the best word I can think for it. So much love in his little eyes.

He loves to spend time with me. Maybe too much time, actually. He always wants to be with me! There is nothing in the world he’d rather do than whatever it is I’m doing.

He’s a cuddler! As soon as I lie down, he comes right over to snuggle. I never, ever mind it because he is such a comfy cuddler.

He loves the ocean breeze. If the glass door is open, Moo is there, nose in the air, just enjoying the ocean air and the beautiful breeze. I can stare at the ocean all day, and Moo would be happy to do it with me.

He likes to talk, but also enjoys silence. Moo is always up for a good conversation (and always has something worthwhile to add!), but he can also just sit in peace and quiet.

He doesn’t avoid rough times. If I’m having a bad day, he comes and comforts me without a second thought. He doesn’t stay away and wait for me to get over it; he helps me get over whatever it is.

He brings me presents. Every single day, Moo brings some of his toys to my bedroom and leaves them for me. They aren’t worth much, but it’s the thought that counts. I get at least one special little gift from him each day.

He loves kisses! Nothing wrong with a little PDA every now and then.

So I’m thinking about just posting a picture or video of Moo on an online dating site as my “what I’m looking for” section and see what happens. What do you think?

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