5 Actionable Steps to Improve Your Bottom Line (Just Kidding! Here’s a Music Video About Kittens in Space!)


Once again, we’ve tried to create a diversion with the title of this article in case the wandering eyes of your supervisor gaze upon the spreadsheet-barren wasteland that is your computer screen, but let’s get real: You’re here because it’s Friday (the last workday before Memorial Day weekend, no less), and you already checked out three hours ago. It’s time to look at some cats.

Here are five adorable videos that melted our faces (and lowered our productivity) this week. And you’re in luck: In honor of kitten season (spay and neuter, people!), all of this week’s offerings feature cats at their tiniest and most painfully cute.

1. Kittens in Space

This music video about kittens going on adventures in space (don’t forget the catnip!) is absolutely the most ridiculous and possibly the best thing that has ever happened. It was created by songwriter Jonathan Mann, who has been writing lots of songs about animals lately — though none as adorable as this one.

2. A bowl of bewitched babies

This quintet of kitties is absolutely entranced by something — so entranced, in fact, that their little heads move in unison, almost like the world’s most adorable five-headed monster.

3. Sleepy kitten will not surrender

Watching this incredibly tired kitten try desperately not to fall over is sure to bring back memories of your own near-surrenders to somnolence, like during high school math class, the long drive to Grandma’s house, or yesterday when you ate too much Mexican food for lunch.

4. Water: They love it or they hate it

In honor of Memorial Day, which kicks off the official start of pool season across much of the country, here’s one cat who wants to keep swimming for just, like, five more minutes, Dad!

5. Is that your tongue or do you just want to play with me?

This kitten seems equally horrified and fascinated by this extremely tolerant dog’s floppy, red tongue.

Bonus: Is this “red panda” kitten a mutant or a hoax?

Does this kitten’s unusual appearance signal the discovery of a new breed — or was her fur dyed to make her resemble a red panda? Purchased at a pet market in Beijing, China, the kitten has gotten a great deal of attention on the Internet as her owner waits to find out whether she’s “dyed or a mutant.” Follow along here.

Now go home! After you tell us in the comments how cute these were.

Laugh with us:

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