Mouse the Cat Used His Short Legs to Walk Into a New Home



Mouse is a cat. He waddles along like a Dachshund dog. I mean that in a complimentary way — after all, who can resist smiling at a sausage dog scooting around? No warm-blooded human, that’s for sure.

But why does Mouse do this little Dachshund impression?

Well, it’s all down to a congenital deformity that afflicts his front legs. We’ll get to the details of that in a moment, but first let’s recap the beginnings of Mouse’s story.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

It began when Mouse, his mom, and her other kittens were brought to the Salt Lake City Kitten Nursery earlier this year. The family of cats were suspected strays but seemed to appreciate some human interaction. At first, staff at the facility characterized Mouse as being “a little wild” — but then they noticed that his front legs and paws were not developing at a normal rate.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

This wasn’t a total disaster, as the rest of Mouse’s stats checked out just fine. But after being diagnosed as suffering from a congenital deformity, he was placed in a specialized foster home.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

Once in his new environment, Mouse became an instant hit with the other cats. He showed affection toward other kitties and took to play sessions with an enthused gusto. For reasons never really explained, he also favored frolicking with a discarded Diet Coke box.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

It was during his spell in the foster home that Mouse apparently concluded that “life as a house cat might be great.”

At that point, the Salt Lake Pet Adoption Center stepped in and began prepping him for his search for a forever family. Sure, his legs weren’t regulation cat length, but Mouse could still get around fine, and his general mobility wasn’t really an issue. He just looks a little quirky while doing so.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

Naturally, it wasn’t long before this squat champion was scooped up. The lucky humans in this case were Lana and Curtis Crichton, who wasted no time in giving Mouse a caring environment where he could feel “happy, safe and loved.” While Lana is technically allergic to cats, she was quickly won over by Mouse’s cuteness.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

Oh, and along with a new home, Mouse also picked up a fresh name, as he officially became the more grandiose-sounding Outlaw Baby Smalls. In practice, this is usually just shortened to Smalls.

Image via Best Friends Animal Society Utah YouTube

These days, you’ll find Smalls spending his time joyfully shuffling around the house and tottering up and down the stairs as he chases his favorite toy — a plastic ring from a milk bottle — in the most adorably Dachshund-like fashion. Check out the video below of Smalls’ stumpy moves for proof — it’s guaranteed to perk up your day.

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