Monday Miracle: Emma the “Wobbly Cat” Finds a Friend


0-Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0It seems like it was just the other week that we brought you the story of Emerson, a distinguished 10-year-old kitty who was dumped at a shelter in Maine with injuries that included broken ribs and neck, spinal damage, and burned feet. Even more shocking, the lady who dropped the cat off apparently claimed that “she ‘snapped’ his neck because he was annoying to her.”

Thankfully, these days Emerson has recovered to become the shining star of the Miller’s Safe Haven animal rescue. He’s also very adept at zipping round in his custom-made wheels. Oh, and I should mention that he’s taken a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia under his wing? Her name’s Emma, and now it’s her turn to grab a little of the Monday Miracle spotlight. Let’s take a look at her.

Image via Facebook.

According to Heather Miller, Emma was originally a stray down in Texas. A local family rescued her and, after she was diagnosed with wobbly cat syndrome, they heard about Emerson and made contact.

Image via Facebook.

At that point, Heather hopped a plane to Texas, planning to return in 48 hours.

“It was a very quick trip but I knew Emma needed me, and I thought we were the perfect place for her,” she says. “The minute they opened the door and I saw her, I fell in love.”

Image via Facebook.

It seems that Emerson felt the same way about his new friend, too.

“They took to each other immediately,” Heather says. Characterizing their relationship, she adds, “He needed a friend and she needed a dad-like figure.”

Upping the adorable ante, it turns out that Emerson likes to help out by bathing Emma, while she returns the favor by sleeping on him. They also enjoy teaming up together to meet and greet people at the local Houlton Humane Society.

Image via Facebook.

Emma’s condition means that she struggles to get around, but she has devised her own way of moving.

“She rolls around in circles to get to where she needs to go,” explains Heather. “It’s not that her brain doesn’t work, it’s just that it doesn’t communicate with her body. She tries extremely hard to stand up but falls over.”

Image via Facebook.

Asked whether her mobility will improve as she gets older and stronger, Heather says, “She may get better with age, but there is no guarantee.”

Image via Facebook.

While Emma figures out how best to get around — and, apparently, tries out a very snappy line of kitty diapers — you can keep up with this superstar special-needs duo over at their Facebook page. And if you’ve ever considered adopting a disadvantaged kitty yourself, take encouragement from Heather’s words: “Cerebellar hypoplasia cats and dogs are a lot of work. Most of the time they are incontinent; they need to be protected from hurting themselves when they fall — a lot.”

But, she adds, despite the time and patience required, they’re inevitably “very sweet.”

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