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Have you ever wondered how marvelous a hybrid cat-chicken-rabbit creature would be? Well, a tiny little kitty going by the name of Margo might just hold the answer we’ve all been waiting on. Now, don’t worry, there are no genetic-bending, cross-species shenanigans going on here — it’s just that Margo is a special needs kitten who has managed to channel the traits of all three animals into one adorable fluff-bucket.

As Kay Ivanova (who you might remember from our story on Oreo the black and white trooper the other month) says, “Margo looks very strange, like a cross between a cat, a rabbit, and chicken.”

Confused? Check out this picture of Margo and then read on to hear Kay explain more.

Presenting Ms. Margo!

“In the face Margo’s a cat,” she says, “but she’s a chicken from the side, and when running she jumps like a rabbit on her hind paws.”

And just how did Margo come to embody such a terrific range of animals? Read on and all will be revealed …


In common with many of Catster’s Monday Miracle picks, there’s a grisly nature to Margo’s backstory. She was rescued from Naif in Dubai when she was 4 weeks old and found with a severe list of ailments.

As Kay describes, “Her tail was cut off up to her sacral vertebra — something heavy probably fell on her back as she was found near a construction site — and there was a prolapse of the intestines, and she had a strange gait.”


At that point in her rescue mission, Margo underwent major surgery and four weeks of physiotherapy. She began to walk normally, but it seemed that something was still amiss with her intestines. She was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic megacolon and associated chronic constipation; after a special diet failed to prompt some smooth pooping moves, it was decided that Margo needed to undergo colon surgery.


If you think this is all a little gruesome, it gets even more graphic. “During the surgery it became clear that she has intestinal obstruction,” says Kay, before helpfully detailing that her bowel was fused together in two places and rooted to the liver.

Unfortunately, the colon surgery failed to have a positive affect — so to this day Margo cannot control her pooping and peeing. She needs help when it comes to toilet time, and, as Kay delightfully puts it, “It can be a permanent mess around her.”


Oh, and here’s one more thing: In among all her medical visits and examinations, it was also discovered that Margo is actually a dwarf cat, so even now at six months old she looks barely half her age.


Now for the shimmering glint of light at the end of Margo’s curious metaphorical tunnel. According to Kay, she’s now beginning to act just like any normal kitten and is filled with energy and playfulness.

Margo’s also looking for a very special forever home, ideally with someone who has experience of special needs cats and isn’t bothered by getting her hands dirty when it comes to matters of the restroom. After all she’s been through, it seems a personal toilet attendant is the least Margo deserves, right?

Check out the 38 Smiles Facebook page for more information on Margo.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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