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Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Colorado: Breeders List 2024

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Maine Coon kitten in grey background

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Colorado: Breeders List 2024

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Maine Coons are some of the most popular purebred cats around. Therefore, finding a breeder is often pretty easy. The key is to choose the right breeder for you.

Not all Maine Coon breeders focus on the same things. Some are breeding show cats, while others are producing companion cats. What you’re looking for will determine which breeder you should adopt from.

Of course, you also have to consider cost, health testing, and similar factors. Not all breeders are made equal. Research is paramount to choosing a healthy kitten. Let’s dig into our list of the best Maine Coon breeders in the beautiful state of Colorado.


The 7 Maine Coon Breeders in Colorado

1. Stordire Maine Coons

Stordire Maine Coons logo

  • Aurora, Colorado

This breeder focuses on producing healthy cats that are larger and have a great temperament. Their cats tend to have square muzzles and big ears with the distinguished lynx tip.

They are a small cattery that only produces a few kittens per year. They have an application process for all potential owners and tend to be pickier about who adopts their cats. Therefore, you may find yourself spending more time on the waiting list than with other breeders.

All cats are registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) and follow their breed standards. Their cats do compete in the show ring regularly.

They provide testing for their kittens. All cats and kittens are vaccinated against rabies and undergo appropriate health testing. A licensed veterinarian has inspected their cattery.

2. Colorado Maine Coons

Colorado Maine Coons logo

  • Conifer, Colorado

This cattery has been producing Maine Coons for sale in Colorado since 1997. Their cats were initially imported from Europe, which has a slightly different type of Maine Coon. They are closer to what the breed initially was.

Their cats are heavily socialized with other pets and children before they are set into their new homes. They produce a decent number of kittens a year and have a waiting list available on their website. They do require a contract for all adopters. Usually, kittens are sent home between 12 to 14 weeks. They are vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped before they are sent home. They are also tested for a range of diseases to ensure that they are healthy before.

All kittens come with a 2-year health guarantee and a basket of goodies. They also pay for a month of Trupanion health insurance, which you can decide to keep paying for if you desire.

3. Coonplay Maine Coons

Coonplay Maine Coons logo

  • Castlerock, Colorado

These Maine Coon breeders in Colorado have been breeding pedigreed cats since 1989. They are a closed cattery, so they do not offer their males studs and don’t accept casual visits. This helps prevent diseases through reduced outside germs.

Most of their cats follow the breed standard. However, they do support the original polydactyl gene of the Maine Coon, with many of their cats having extra toes. They lean towards the “wild type” Maine Coon, with more prominent features and oversized ears.

They genetically screen all cats before breeding them. Maine Coons have multiple health concerns, so genetic screenings are necessary. All kittens are raised in the home and are well-socialized. Kittens are vet-screened by a registered veterinarian before they are released to their new homes.

They are one of the bigger catteries in the area, so they produce more kittens than other breeders.

4. Rocky Mountain Maine Coons

Rocky Mountain Maine Coons logo

  • Idaho Springs, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Maine Coons is a smaller cattery in Colorado. They don’t produce many litters per year, so many of their kittens are reserved. We recommend getting on the waiting list for the best shot at a kitten. There are on average four to six kittens per litter, though this shifts from litter to litter.

This cattery does not guarantee the color or sex of kittens. Of course, you can turn down a kitten if they are not what you’re looking for.

Kittens are placed between 10 to 12 weeks of age. However, potential owners are contacted when the kittens are 8 weeks old, which is also when the first pictures are taken.

Their kittens cost about the same as other breeders. A deposit is required to hold a spot on the waiting list.

They do deliver kittens if you live nearby. However, they do charge extra money for every hour they are on the road. Therefore, if you live too far away, it can get a bit expensive. This isn’t usual for a cattery, though. So, if you need someone to deliver your feline, this may be your only option.

5. Morningside Meow

Morningside Meow logo

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

This cattery produces both original American Maine Coons and imported bloodlines. They are registered by the CFA and TICA. They are cautious about DNA testing and breed only negative/negative cats. They check for an array of conditions.

This cattery does not seem to be as active as others. Their wait for a kitten is very far out. You will likely need to sit on a waitlist for a while. They do produce kittens every year, though.

Their kittens are a bit less expensive than others. If you’re buying a pet kitten, this option is likely your cheapest. They sell some kittens without registration papers. This makes them unable to be bred. However, they are much cheaper than registered kittens. Polydactyl kittens are available, but they are slightly more expensive.

They provide some kittens with breeding rights, but this is rare. They ask that you discuss this with them before placing a deposit.

6. Trutails Maine Coon Cattery

truetails maine coon cats logo

  • Rocky Mountains, Colorado

This breeder regularly breeds kittens throughout the year. They screen all potential buyers with an online questionnaire. They do not take reservations on any kittens until after the kitten is 10 weeks old. They do not have a waitlist like many breeders on this list.

They allow visits to their cattery after the kittens have had their first shots. Otherwise, they do not allow visitors due to the potential of introducing germs.

Their kittens go home between 12 to 16 weeks of age. They vaccinate all their kittens before they leave for their new home.

7. Spirit Hill Maine Coon Cattery

Spirit Hill Maine Coon Cattery logo

  • El Paso County, Colorado

This cattery has been around for a long time. They regularly produce three to four litters per year. Their cats are raised in their home and properly socialized. They have a placement questionnaire on their website for prospective owners.

Their kittens are sold with a health guarantee. They are dewormed and receive their first set of vaccinations before they are sent home. They do require that all their pets are spayed/neutered and kept as indoor pets only.

They get their cats used to nail clipping before they are sent home. This makes it much easier for you to groom your kitten once they are in your home. They do not allow their kittens to be declawed.

They require a contract to be signed before they send new kittens home. Usually, this occurs between 14 to 16 weeks of age.

All their cats are American “native-bred” felines, not imported from other countries.

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There are quite a few well regarded catteries with Maine Coon kittens for sale in Colorado. Many of these catteries do the proper health testing and provide high-quality kittens. Most on our list are registered. However, we recommend doing your research before you commit to purchasing a kitten from a cattery.

Ask to see health records and meet the kittens. You should see where the kittens are kept most of the time. Please don’t allow the breeder to separate the kitten and bring them to a separate location for a meet-and-greet. You want to see where the kitten was raised.

Choose your breeder carefully, and you’ll have a much better chance of ending up with a quality kitten.

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