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Kitty Horoscope: October Belongs to the Lovely Libra Cat

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Kitty Horoscope: October Belongs to the Lovely Libra Cat

Astrological signs can tell us a lot about ourselves and how we function in the world. But does it just stop with people? You might be super interested to know that these traits don’t just apply to us, but also to our cats.

The Libra is a distinguished, balanced individual that people usually rely on to have creative focus and express love for the finer things in life.

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What Is a Libra? (September 22rd to October 23nd)

The Libra is the justice system of the zodiac—constantly finding a fair and balanced approach. A totally composed Libra can be a pillar of strength, but a Libra imbalance can lead to indecision, misalignment, and other troubles.

The Libra is diplomatic and tactful, to say the least. Even in the moments that lack grace, a Libra can find that calculated balance and come back to center. If they feel like their world is off, they will struggle with it.

Because they require such a particular environment to thrive, a Libra can become indecisive, co-dependent, and even a little lazy. It’s best to keep a Libra in line by holding them accountable for their actions and giving them a reality check when they need one.

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Libra Symbols

Scales represent the Libra. The scales relate to the Roman deity Justitia. It has direct ties with Rome. It is all about the balance of things, learning how to temper the waters and master the centers of the body.

Personality & Traits

Libras are highly personable and love being the center of attention. They will fare best with good conversation that enters a depth that common talk leaves out. They want to know about life’s greatest mysteries and all that remains hidden.

The Libra also has a knack for fitting in, no matter the situation. It seems they can meld, mold, and make a situation what they want it to be by being a chameleon in conversation. They have a desire to create complacency wherever they go, which can really help them in the social category.


Libras also enjoy the finer things in life. They have a real taste for material goods and an eye for quality. You will never catch a Libra at their worst. Even when things are falling down inside of their personal lives, they look put together on the outside.

  • Dress well
  • Compliment others
  • Love fine art
  • Have great taste
  • Thrive on balance
  • Serve justice


Libras spend their life searching for balance, if they don’t naturally have it. If a Libra is out of balance, that can affect everything around them, causing an imbalance in their daily life. Libras can be a bit rigid, but a lot of this is because they don’t like when other people get the best of them.

If you have a Libra cat, they might be picky, enjoying only the fancier types of feline dishes. They might also be a little unpredictable from time to time, or even hard to read. Libras also have a bad habit of being lazy.

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  • Can be moody
  • Often appear jealous
  • Can come across as fake

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Compatibility with Other Signs

It’s always best to know what signs a Libra is compatible with in which they aren’t. That way, you can quickly understand if there is an issue of butting heads around the household. You might also have another cat that is your Libra cat’s best friend. Are they one of the following signs?

Compatible Signs

Here are the Libra’s most compatible signs:
    • Aquarius
    • Aries
    • Gemini

Incompatible Signs

Here are the signs that a Libra might not do so hot living around:
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

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A Libra Cat: What to Expect

Cats already might have a little sense of entitlement. Even your most lovable kitty might run around thinking that they rule the roost. A Libra cat will have a special sense of this royalty, and they will deliver the swift justice of being head of household.

The Libra might get along swimmingly with all of your other cats, but hold the title for the one in charge. This might be a little bit disruptive if you have other headstrong cats.

However, a Libra loves to be a friend to all, so they will likely acclimate with the energy in the home. A Libra cat might love stuffing their face, enjoying a nice pampering session, and then taking a luxurious nap to top off the day.

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Image Credit: zhukovvvlad, Shutterstock

Venus Rules Libra

Each zodiac has a ruling planet, and Venus is the guardian planet of Libra. This planet amplifies aspects of love, commitment, passion, and harmony. It holds a desire for companionship and connection.

Libra Is an Air Sign

Libra is an air sign, meaning they fly by the seat of their pants. They don’t like being tied down and always keep a free spirit.

Libra Is a Cardinal Sign

The Libra is a cardinal sign in the zodiac. These signs begin at equinoxes or solstices and represent the birth of new ideas, projects, or possibilities. Some astrologers would say that the cardinal signs are the strongest of all—and often the most influential.

Cardinal signs are action-oriented. So, if you have ever known a Libra, you know that they will certainly get things done—with or without help.

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Famous Libra Cats

There are several Libra cats for you to check out. They can be your kitty’s birthday buddies.

That Little Puff

That Little Puff is a 4-year-old Libra cat born on October 11th. He is a real ASMR star that appears in short cooking videos on TikTok.

Koda Cat

Koda Cat is a beautiful British Shorthair that just so happens to be born on October 5th. He made his debut on Instagram in 2015.

Stryker the Cat

Stryker the Cat is an African Serval that was kept in a basement—far too drab for this Libra kitty. He was finally rescued.

Guinness the Cat

Guinness the Cat is Insta-famous for his appearance playing with a window washer. He has since grown in popularity and even appeared on the cover of a Japanese magazine in 2015. Typical Libra—loving the limelight.

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Now you understand a little bit more about the Libra star sign as a whole. It is certainly a symbol of balance, and all Libras must find it, even your cat. So, if it seems like they’re a little off-kilter, you might notice that their entire demeanor is just thrown off.

A Libra cat will certainly be one that acts in a royal fashion, demanding attention and adoration from the people in the home. They might all also be a little lazy and love a good bowl of wet cat food. What’s your favorite thing about your Libra cat?

Featured Image Credit: antibydni, Shutterstock

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