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How Long Can Cats Wear Halloween Costumes For? Facts & Safety Tips

Written by: Lorre Luther

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Black cat in halloween costume

How Long Can Cats Wear Halloween Costumes For? Facts & Safety Tips

If you love everything about Halloween, from the treats to the costumes, and are planning on dressing your buddy up this year, you may wonder how long cats can comfortably wear special outfits. Cats all react differently when it comes to wearing clothes and costumes.

Some don’t mind wearing costumes, and others simply aren’t interested in being dressed up. If you choose to dress your cat up for Halloween, be prepared to move on to costume-free activities if they appear unhappy or stressed out. Keep an eye on your cat and remove the outfit as soon as they show signs of distress or irritation.

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Do Cats Mind Wearing Costumes?

It depends on the cat and the costume. Cats who aren’t thrilled about wearing outfits often resist when you try to get them dressed up. They try to free themselves from the outfits pretty quickly. Cats attempting to distance themselves from being dressed up should be allowed to move on to other activities.

cat with soldier costume
Image Credit: Pixabay

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What Should I Dress My Cat Up as for Halloween?

There are several fun options to consider when it comes to dressing cats up for Halloween. Whatever costume you choose, keep in mind that cats should never be left alone when wearing costumes since they’ll try to free themselves and can end up getting stuck when doing so.

Try to leave the outfit somewhere where your cat can investigate it for a few days before asking them to wear it. Consider a trial run (or two) before the big event to ensure the costume fits and to see how your pet reacts to wearing it. Keep reading for a few tips to help you pick a costume you and your companion will both be happy with!


Consider looking for costumes made from lightweight materials if you’re interested in something your cat can wear. Heavy costumes can quickly become too warm for furry creatures. Body costumes also have the potential to limit cats’ movement and ability to communicate using body language, which can be annoying to many pets.


Look for designs that don’t cover your cat’s mouth or make it difficult for them to use the bathroom. Ensure the clothes fit comfortably and don’t make it hard for your cat to see, eat, or breathe. Most cats can tolerate costumes designed to be worn on their backs but aren’t fond of ones that cover their heads and legs.

a famous cat wearing a costume
Image Credit: kuban_girl, Shutterstock


Avoid dressing your cat up in anything that has dangly attachments they can work loose and consume. Foreign body ingestion incidents are serious events that can have tragic consequences. The best way to keep your cat safe and avoid unwanted trips to the emergency veterinarian is to avoid putting anything on them that contains small parts they can eat.

If you create your cat’s costume from scratch, avoid using strings to secure the outfit, as they can be easily nibbled through and eaten, which can result in a medical emergency.

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Other Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

Make sure your Halloween stays safe and fun with these tips for keeping your cat healthy.

Keep Decorations Away From Your Cat

Many decorations that crop up around the holidays can be dangerous if cats get into them, including items such as fake spider webs made of long, thin materials that can cause significant problems if eaten. Also, candles are fire hazards, and kitties can easily knock them over and start a fire.

Lock Up the Candy

While it’s fun to include cats in Halloween celebrations, some traditions should be off-limits, such as eating candy. Halloween candy often features chocolate, which is toxic to cats, and candy, in general, really doesn’t belong on the feline menu. Candy corn is decidedly lacking in the nutrients cats need to stay healthy, and too much can lead to an upset stomach.

Keep Your Cat Confined

If you plan on welcoming trick-or-treaters or having people over for a party, consider confining your cat to prevent escapes since you’ll be opening and closing the door several times in a short period. Putting your cat in a location where they can’t run for the door every time it opens can make receiving trick-or-treaters and guests a much less stressful event for you and your cat.

Make sure your cat is microchipped, and the proper registry has your current details so you can be tracked down if your companion gets out and they’re brought to a shelter or veterinarian for an ID check. Attaching a tag with your contact information to their collar can make it easy for people to contact you if your cat gets out and someone finds them.

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Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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If you’re all about Halloween, there are several ways to share the fun with your cat, including dressing them up in a costume. There’s no hard and fast rule that dictates how long cats can wear costumes, but they shouldn’t wear them unsupervised.

The best way to ensure your cat is happy while wearing their costume is to keep an eye on them and remove the outfit as soon as they show signs of distress or irritation. Cats should always be supervised when wearing clothing or costumes to ensure they stay safe and don’t get stuck while trying to wiggle out of their clothes.

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