10 Outrageously Expensive Gifts for the Pampered Cat


Is your cat spoiled rotten? If she is, you may want to pull out your purse, because we’ve got the most decadent holiday gift guide ever. If you’re looking for outrageously over-the-top gifts for your favorite cat or cat lover, here are 10 ideas to keep millionaire cats in the lap of luxury.

1. Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Here’s an extraordinary climbing wall that’s stylish, fanciful and can be customized for your cat’s exquisite tastes. The Catswall is a modular aluminum wall hanging system. It includes a five-by-five-foot slat wall, three cozy boxes with cheeky cutouts, a ladder, a set of steps, and four Catspassages that are perfect platforms for jumping. Get your Catswall system, starting at just $1,159.

2. Five Pet Place Litter Tray

Your kitty’s paws are much too precious for a cheap plastic litter box. Instead, pamper her with the master bathroom equivalent for cats. The Five Pet Place Litter Tray combines design and function to create a majestic place for your cat to pee and poop. And, just in case there’s some confusion over whose box it is, you can get your cat’s name engraved onto a mounted nameplate. Buy your Five Pet Place Litter Tray starting from $325.

3. Cat Ornament

Cats love Christmas trees, so why not decorate yours with an homage to your love of cats? Rather than make do with run-of-the-mill ornaments, you can get a SnowDome ornament featuring a kitty asleep on a fluffy pillow for only $525. Of course, you can’t decorate your 10-foot tree with just a single ornament. Order a set of 12 for only $6,300.

4. Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Air and Sanrio have partnered up to create a special Hello Kitty-themed Boeing 777 jet. If you’re planning a special holiday trip to Asia with your favorite cat lover, you can now travel in high-flying kitty style.

While a Boeing 777 airplane will set you back by about $250 million, you can grab a first-class ticket from Los Angeles to Taipei on the Hello Kitty jet for the bargain price of $5,000.

5. Rondo Leather Cat Tree

This designer cat tree will forever banish ugly cat condos from your mansion. With its clean lines and modern design, the Rondo is the perfect perch for your cat to look down her nose at all the common folk below.

Since a single Rondo costs only $899, you can buy one for each of your kitty’s favorite rooms. Get one for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, ballroom, and home theater for just under $4,500. Plus, it comes with free shipping!

6. Realistic Cat Tree

Of course, we all know that a spoiled cat is usually a fickle feline. When your cat tires of her chic cat tree, she may want to recline in a realistic looking cat tree house. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get her a Pet Tree House. It’s handcrafted in the USA to mimic the look of a real tree with multiple branches and silk leaves. Because the cat trees are custom made, they’re quite a bargain for only $1,299.

7. Kool Cedar Cat Cottage

When your cat needs to get away from it all, she’ll definitely crave a vacation. If she’s not heading for the Hamptons, the next best thing is a Kool Cedar Cat Cottage where she’ll be able to enjoy a decadent vacation in her own backyard. This insulated cottage has lounging ledges and an upper-level with glass lookout windows. It’s also fully customizable for your cat’s needs. You can add a porch and deck, magnetic seal safe doors, air-conditioning, heated mats, and a raised foundation.

Fully loaded, the cat cottage comes to a little over $2,000 — a small price to pay to give your cat the opportunity to spend quality time in nature.

8. Catwheel

If your cat is prone to indulging in too many treats over the holidays, she can work off the extra calories with her own cat treadmill. The Catwheel is a stylish yet functional way for your cat to get some exercise. While it’s best for curious cats with lots of energy to burn, the Catwheel is pretty enough that if it sits unused, it’ll still look good in your home.

Available in two eye-popping colors, the Catwheel will fit in with any contemporary decor. You can get yours for just $699, but shipping’s not free. It’ll cost you another $199 to ship anywhere in the continental US.

9. Show-Quality Bengal Cat

For the pampered feline, it’s quite the dilemma to find her something that she doesn’t already have. We can all use more friends and who doesn’t love being seen hanging with the cool cats? That’s why the perfect gift for your kitty is a stylish new friend. Once she gets over the sibling rivalry thing, she’ll welcome a show-quality Bengal cat as her new pal. Your cat’s new BFF is only $2,000.

10. Cat Therapy

Of course, with all the new gifts and friends in the home, the jet setting and the constant change to her environment, it’s understandable if your cat starts to feel a little neurotic. If that’s the case, you can get her a session of cat therapy and Reiki for just $165 per hour. A year of weekly telephone consultations will cost only $8,580. It’s a small pittance to pay for a happy and content cat.

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About Holly Tse: Holly Tse is a green cat expert and lifelong environmentalist. Practicing Taoist, Dragon Spirit Guide and Chinese Reflexologist who has experienced more than nine past lives and can bend reality at will. Totally into alternative healing, but her Achilles’ heel is reality TV cooking shows. As a Canadian expat, she uses an American spell checker for her Catster articles. Check her out at her Chinese reflexology website.

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