Readers Respond

Have You Ever Had More Cats Than You Could Handle?

We asked our readers in a recent print issue, and here are some of the responses we received.

Catster HQ  |  Feb 27th 2017

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At one point, as a professional cat sitter, I was looking after 15 rescues in one home. It surprised me that, in no time, I could say it was no more time-consuming or difficult than looking after two. Watching that clowder — after all the “chores” were done — was an enlightening, rewarding and humbling lesson.
— Claire-Louise Lalonde

Here’s mama cat Annise with her “spice” kittens.


I have six cats and one dog. This is my limit. I also feed about five outdoor neighborhood cats. If I didn’t limit myself, I would go overboard with cats in the house.
— Gary French


Photo by Shutterstock

I foster, and at one point this year I had 17 fosters in my home (two mamas, both with large litters). I really felt overwhelmed at first, but knowing all the lives that were being saved made it well worth it.
— Sheila Prong

How about you? Have you ever had more cats than you can handle? Have you been surprised by how many you can handle? Let us know in the comments.