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Happy Cat Hotel & Spa 2024 Review: Our Expert Opinion

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Collage

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa 2024 Review: Our Expert Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give Happy Cat Hotel & Spa a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Cats have a reputation for being independent pets, but they still require a lot of care when you’re away. They can end up feeling stressed, bored, and anxious when they’re home alone. Happy Cat Hotel & Spa was created to provide adequate and trustworthy care for cats while their owners have to be away from them for an extended period of time. This unique cat boarding service is exclusive to a feline clientele and has employees who are trained and experienced in working specifically with cats.

So, if you’re planning a vacation or have another reason for being away from your cats, make sure to look into Happy Cat Hotel & Spa if a franchise is located near you. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your cat is safe and cared for by professional cat lovers.

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At a Glance: The Best Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Services

Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Happy Cat Hotel - Standard Boarding Room Happy Cat Hotel - Standard Boarding Room
  • Cage-free, enriching rooms
  • Climate-controlled rooms
  • Rooms have 24/7 webcam
  • Second place
    Happy Cat Spa - Grooming Happy Cat Spa - Grooming
  • Includes hair trimming for long-haired cats
  • All cat groomers are specially trained
  • Anesthesia-free services
  • Third place
    Happy Cat Spa - Deshedding Treatment Happy Cat Spa - Deshedding Treatment
  • Includes services in the Standard Groom
  • Can reduce up to 90% of shedding
  • Spa Club membership offers discounts
  • About Happy Cat Hotel

    happy cat hotel front desk
    Image Credit: Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

    What Is Happy Cat Hotel & Spa and Where Is It?

    Happy Cat Hotel & Spa was founded in 2014 by Chris and Meg Raimo. They had a pet-sitting service and noticed that cats would often act more withdrawn or needy when they’d visit cats in their homes while their owners were away. Many cats would also become destructive, restless, and refuse to eat.

    The Raimos decided to address this issue by creating a cat-only boarding service. They constructed their facility to have large rooms designed to be engaging and enriching for cats. They found that bringing a cat to a high-quality boarding facility and providing more consistent companionship and enrichment activities made them happier than staying home alone. The business became successful as more people realized the need for cat boarding services, and Happy Cat Hotel & Spa eventually branched out to become a franchise.

    Who Is Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Best Suited For?

    Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is a considerable option for anyone who needs temporary help from someone else to care for their cats. Boarding services can be useful for anyone who’s traveling, renovating their homes, or experiencing other significant life transitions. It’s also a great resource for emergency care in case you have an urgent matter that suddenly requires you to be away from home for a few days.

    Who Might Do Better With a Different Service?

    While Happy Cat Hotel & Spa has trained staff who can take care of medical needs, some cats may have significant health conditions that don’t enable them to leave their homes very easily. In these cases, it may be better to look for a pet-sitting service that has live-in pet sitters. These sitters can stay with your cat the entire time you’re away instead of making daily house visits.

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    Key Features & Services

    Cat-Only Boarding Service

    Unlike many other pet boarding facilities, Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is exclusively for cats. So, you don’t have to worry about your cat getting spooked or stressed by the sight or scent of dogs and other animals. All the staff at Happy Cat Hotel & Spa are also trained to work with cats and understand cat behavior. So, you can rest assured knowing that your cat is being cared for by passionate cat people working to provide the best care for them.

    Cat in Happy Cat Room
    Image Credit: Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

    Excellent Customer Service

    Happy Cat Hotel & Spa doesn’t just provide high-quality care for cats. It also keeps cat owners in mind and makes sure that they have a positive experience as well. Booking rooms and grooming appointments are made simple and easy through Happy Cat Hotel & Spa’s website. If your cat is staying in one of their rooms, you’ll have access to their 24/7 webcam so that you can check in on your cat at any time.

    Happy Cat Hotel & Spa also offers daily updates where you can receive texts or emails that let you know how your cat is doing. The updates often include pictures and videos of your cat going about their day.

    Cat Grooming Services

    The second major service that Happy Cat Hotel & Spa offers is cat grooming appointments. The Cat Spa has a full range of services, including nail trims, deshedding treatments, baths, and haircuts. All groomers are specially trained to work with cats and have experience working with resistant cats without using sedation.

    After your cat has their first grooming appointment, you’ll have an online profile and can easily book new appointments through the website. If your cat will have an extended stay and has a room reservation, you can also schedule a grooming appointment during their stay.

    Not Very Many Locations

    Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is still a relatively young company, so there aren’t very many locations. It currently has five locations:

    • East Granby, Connecticut
    • Windsor, Connecticut
    • Johns Creek, Georgia
    • Westchester, New York
    • Austin, Texas
    • Alexandria, Virginia

    New locations will also open in Albuquerque, New Mexico; St. Petersburg, Florida; and Norwalk, Connecticut. Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is a franchise and is continuing to expand, so it’s possible for a location to open near you in the future.

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    A Quick Summary

    • Unique rooms specifically designed for cats
    • 24/7 webcams in cat rooms
    • Daily text or email updates
    • Groomers specifically trained for cats
    • Not very many locations as of yet
    Catlanta room Happy Cat Hotel & Spa.
    Image Credit: Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

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    Our Reviews of Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Services

    1. Cat Hotel Standard Room

    The Cat Hotel Standard Room is the most common and popular type of room that gets booked. The actual sizes of the rooms will vary depending on which location you go to, but they’re the smallest size. They all have fun and unique themes and are designed to be enriching environments for cats. Each room is cage-free and has platforms, comfy beds, and hiding spaces. Some also have windows with perches where your cat can sit and observe.

    Every room is climate-controlled to ensure your cat feels most comfortable during their stay. They’ll also get plenty of playtime and attention from the Cat Hotel & Spa staff, and you can check in on your cat at any time through their 24/7 webcam feed.

    While it’s possible to book one room for two cats, some rooms may be a bit small, especially for larger cat breeds. So, you’ll have to either book individual rooms or see if a larger room is available.

    • May be too small for larger cat breeds to share

    2. Cat Spa Standard Groom

    The Standard Groom offers a full-service grooming experience for cats. It includes nail trimming, a bath, ear and eye cleaning, and thorough brushing. Long-haired cats will also receive a trim to prevent tangles and mats.

    Every cat groomer at the Cat Spa receives special training to work with cats, and every service is anesthesia-free. However, additional fees do apply to aggressive cats. All prices are estimates and will be finalized after determining your cat’s age, health, temperament, and behavior. Matting and the condition of your cat’s coat can also affect prices. Therefore, you may find the final grooming price to be more expensive than that of other general pet groomers.

    • Includes hair trimming for long-haired cats
    • All cat groomers are specially trained
    • Anesthesia-free services
    • Prices are estimates and can add up quickly

    professional groomer cuts fluffy cat coat with trimmer
    Image Credit: Yolya Ilyasova, Shutterstock

    3. Cat Spa DeShedding Treatment

    The Cat Spa also offers a deshedding treatment. This service includes the services in the Standard Groom and an additional de-shedding treatment. The treatment works to remove loose and dead hairs from your cat’s undercoat, and it can reduce up to 90% of shedding.

    Considering how thorough the de-shedding treatment is, it’s no surprise that it’s relatively expensive. However, you can experience some savings if you sign up for the Spa Club. The Spa Club membership has an annual fee of $60 per cat and offers 20% discounts for every service you book while you have an active membership.

    • Includes services in the Standard Groom
    • Can reduce up to 90% of shedding
    • Spa Club membership offers discounts

    • Relatively expensive treatment

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    What Other Users Are Saying

    • Yelp – “ I am so grateful for this team and their warmth and care for the kitties who come visit. Everyone I met was just incredible and warm and really seem to care.”
    • Facebook – “My kitty and I absolutely love the Happy Cat Hotel. The staff are so attentive to Lucy’s needs and love spoiling her with brushing and cuddles during her stay.”
    • Google – “Such a unique place! The staff and the experience exceeded any expectations. Will definitely use them again!”

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    Overall, Happy Cat Hotel & Spa provides a unique boarding experience for cats. Its cats-only facilities staffed with cat people ensure that your cat will receive the proper care and attention they need. Cats are in safe hands and usually end up feeling better than if they were to be home alone while you’re away. The only downside is that there aren’t very many locations. However, with the opportunities to franchise and the growing need, we’re optimistic about seeing more Happy Cat Hotel & Spa locations open across the nation.

    Featured Image Credit: Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

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