Videos We Love: 5 Cats Who Are Weird Sleepers


Fall is coming, school is starting, and we’re all stressed to the max — or maybe that’s just me. After a week of grad school orientation, my brain is full and my energy reserves are empty, and I could literally curl up on the wood floor next to this pile of cat vomit and sleep all afternoon.

In any case, it’s Friday, and we could all probably use a nap. Face down. On a foosball table. Take it from the cats in these videos: Napping is a challenging activity that requires a lifetime of practice — so you’d better get started.

But first, watch these cute and funny videos, and don’t miss the quote of the day: “This is Roger sleeping. Very typical; very normal.”

1. Weird Sleepers

Lots of people do yoga to meditate or relax, but how many of us hold a yoga pose for six hours while taking a nap? Answer: your cat. It seems there’s no way these weird sleepers could possibly be comfortable — but look at their faces. They’re out cold (show-offs). Though I’m not convinced the little guy napping face-down in the flower pot didn’t just pass out after too much catnip.

2. Twitchy Kittens

If their mid-nap twitches are any indicator, these adorable babies are having some really good dreams. When humans dream, we’re not this cute; I tend to talk about marshmallows and pull all the blankets over to my side of the bed.

3. Indifferent Dreamer

Ever had one of those moments where you’ve reached your limit, and you don’t care who’s watching — you need to do what you need to do RIGHT NOW, and that just happens to involve rubbing Koosh Balls all over your face at the toy store? Or devouring an entire chocolate croissant while in line at the coffee shop, before you’ve even paid?

“Screw it” seems to be the mantra of this handsome striped fella, who plopped down in an awkward seated position to rest, gawkers be damned.

4. The Deep Sleeper

This cat is sleeping more deeply than anyone has since the invention of sleep. He is a little bit terrifying, actually, what with the tongue sticking out, the eyes rolled back, and the way he flops around like a puppet lacking a hand. Someone grab the smelling salts!

5. The Innovator

This kitten has figured out that “desks” are really just big, flat, hard beds. So stretch out and get comfy, already.

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About Angela: This not-crazy-at-all cat lady loves to lint-roll her favorite dress and go out dancing. She also frequents the gym, the vegan coffee joint, and the warm patch of sunlight on the living room floor. She enjoys a good cat rescue story about kindness and decency overcoming the odds, and she’s an enthusiastic recipient of headbutts and purrs from her two cats, Bubba Lee Kinsey and Phoenix.

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