Where’s the Kitty? I Don’t See the Kitty; It’s Cat Camouflage


New trend alert: Are you up on the cat camouflage movement yet?

Using the CamoCat hashtag, these kitties are making waves on the Internet by posing in pictures that blend their own cat selves with various backgrounds and surroundings. The results have been befuddling and bewildering to us simple-minded humans, leaving the felines of the world free to nap, gallivant, and gawk to their pretty kitty hearts’ content.

Here’s a deep investigative look into this most daring of trends.

The basics

Image via Instagram

This is textbook cat camouflaging. Here we have a marmalade tabby tomcat who has found some tranquil downtime on a couch that’s almost the same color and tone as his own orange markings. Showing that he’s an advanced student of the game, notice how he’s also using shadow lines to match his own darker stripes. Outstanding work all around.

Black is the new black

Image via Instagram

Check out how this devious scamp fills the frame by pairing his own all black fur with a furry all black cushion. It’s only the slightest hint of his lighter inner ear color that gives him away.

A natural likeness

Image via Instagram

Despite what you might have been taught at an early age, you don’t have to be all dolled up like a wild cat to merge into the background of a leopard print chair. As our bushy friend here demonstrates, sometimes simply matching your natural color scheme is camouflage enough. Also, natural light can be your friend.

It ain’t all good

Image via Instagram

Cat camouflaging can be hard, as this little black-and-white minx is about to find out. She’s tried her best to match up her own fur colors with some tatty black-and-white sneakers — and even tucked herself into a cat loaf position — but no one is fooled by it. When you think about it, the whole thing’s heartbreaking.


Image via Instagram

The preference for wooden floors in modern dwellings has really worked in the ginger cat’s favor. Here our portly chap gleefully rolls around knowing full well that he’s perfectly disguised from his human’s radar.

The pinnacle

Image via Instagram

Let’s take it up a notch: White cat, white curtain, and only some prying blue eyes give away this kitty’s snug hiding spot. This one is basically art.

Product of the environment

Image via Instagram

Our final lesson proves that you can successfully pull off a cat camo move by astute use of placing. Sure, our friend here might be a shade that’s similar to some of the pillows, but it’s his all around shape and pose that makes it appear as if he’s one of the pillows rather than a cat sneaking a nap on a bed. Life, eh?

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