6 Types of Cat Stares, Decoded


Cats communicate in many ways, usually vocally or with body language. My cats are masters in the art of staring. They can express a multitude of emotions and requests simply by boring those laser-eye high-beams straight into me. The pictures below don’t lie.

Just like there are a multitude of words for snow in the Eskimo language, there are many meanings behind feline stares. In these funny cat photos, I’ve decoded six of my cats’ stares for you.

1. Feed me!

Ah, the stare at the top of the stairs! When I’ve arrived home and it’s close to (or past, perish the thought!) dinner time, my cats meet me at the top of the stairs, right in front of the kitchen door. They stare at me while I remove my shoes and perhaps (selfish me) pee because my bladder’s about to pop. Of course they stare while I pee, and then continue to stare until I feed them. They only break the stares to madly race around in circles.

2. Look how cute I am!

“Look at me! Stop what you’re doing — you’re not looking at me!” Certainly, my kitties — especially Phoebe — stares when they want to be noticed for looking adorable. Yes, kitty … you look precious. Although by the time I’ve grabbed my camera, they’ve usually dropped the cute, appear surly and refuse to look at the camera.

3. Your lap, please!

Cosmo is the king of lap-jacking. He would permanently attach himself to my lap 24/7 if I allowed him. That might get awkward, though, because I’d have to create some kind of lap-level sling to carry him around in when I needed to walk somewhere. I’d have way too much explaining to do. But yeah, he gives me the “Mother, may I?” stare when he wants to come aboard the S.S. Lap.

4. I love you!

The sweetest stare by far is the sleepy-eyed “I love you” look. You know what I mean, right? This is when the slow blinks happen and adoration just oozes from those kitty eyes. Wahhhh! I could stare right back at them all day long, except they usually zonk out after a minute or two … but there’s nothing bad about staring at a sleeping kitty either.

5. Really?

I admit it: I sometimes do ridiculous things (who me?) to my cats. I put little “hats” on them and even stack inanimate objects on their bellies while they’re relaxing. The whole time I’m getting my jollies, engaged in this madness, my cats stare at me like I’ve gone off the deep end. “Really, Mom?” Yeah, that’s the look I get every time. After that, they either swat at me or simply fall asleep, knowing it’s sometime easier to appease the weirdo human than to fight her.

6. For me?

Cats think everything is for them. Doesn’t matter if it’s pancakes, an apple or even a box of Rice-A-Roni. I have it, so it must be valuable and delicious. So they stare at us while we hold the food, willing us to give them a bite. Because all cats love uncooked rice pilaf.

Do your cats stare at you? Tell us in the comments!

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About the Author: Angie Bailey is an eternal optimist with an adoration of all things silly. Loves pre-adolescent boy humor, puns, making up parody songs, thinking about cats doing people things and The Smiths. Writes Catladyland, a cat humor blog, Texts from Mittens (birthed right here on Catster) and authored whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, a silly book about cats wheeling and dealing online. Partner in a production company and writes and acts in comedy web series that features sketches and mockumentaries. Mother to two humans and three cats, all of which want her to make them food.

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