Flynn and Nara Rule Instagram (But Avoid Each Other at Home)


Flynn and Nara are a couple of cats who might share an Instagram account, but on a day-to-day basis they prefer to keep to their own sides of the house. Still, their combined online adventures have seen them amass a whopping social media following. Here’s how they did it.

The beginning

(Image via Instagram)

The story of Flynn and Nara begins back in 2009, when their owner, Becki, was volunteering at the New York Cat Coalition in Syracuse, New York. She found herself at an adoption event and was approached by a foster mom carrying a 9-week-old kitten who needed a lot of attention and affection.

With Becki already having a 19-year-old senior cat called Sammy at the time, she took a chance on Nara (pictured above) for a 30-day trial run: “Ultimately, it would be Sammy’s decision if she stayed. We knew in less than three days that she wasn’t going anywhere.”

Flynn came into the picture when Becki was passing the adoption center of a PetSmart and witnessed “a bear of a cat attempting to attack a Rottweiler through the glass.” Impressed by the cat’s gumption, she adopted Flynn.

Sammy, then 22 years old, passed away fours days after Flynn joined the family. “Sammy must have known then that we’d be OK,” says Becki. “He could pass the torch.”

Also known as Ratbox

(Image via Instagram)

Flynn also goes by the nickname Ratbox, an honorific given to the kitty by Becki’s husband, Doug, which she says is a fair description of the cat. “Despite being only about 6 years old, Flynn is a grumpy, crotchety old man,” she explains, “with the toothless, gummy mouth to match.”

“He is extremely intelligent and seems to do things with the intent to annoy us,” she continues. “He pretends not to like us yet has to be nearby all of the time. Every once in a while he will show affection, but it has to be on his terms. Well, at least with us — he absolutely adores our 5-month-old son, Rhys.”

“Flynn also has some sort of radar for those who either do not like cats or are allergic,” she adds. “If such a person enters our home, Flynn will attempt to sit on their face.”

The sweetest thing

(Image via Instagram)

“Nara is hands down the sweetest creature I have ever encountered,” says Becki, talking about her other cat’s personality. “She wants nothing out of life except to love and be loved.”

“Nara is curious and gentle,” she continues, “and she’s shy and and very timid around new people. Once she’s comfortable, however, she will climb all over you and attempt to give cuddles and kisses.”

When Flynn met Nara

(Image via Instagram)

While Flynn and Nara live together, Becki says, “They could never be called friends.” She explains that while they don’t necessarily fight, the don’t snuggle up together. In fact, most of the time you’ll find the cats in different rooms of the house, and “they’ve only slept on the same surface less a dozen times.”

Two things are capable of uniting Flynn and Nara, though: the Petcube and the Wobbert cat treat toy.

Tower defense

(Image via Instagram)

Recently, Flynn and Nara were treated to a fancy new cat tower. Surprisingly, there haven’t yet been any grand territorial battles fought over it.

“The original cat tower was immediately claimed by Nara,” says Becki. “If one of them claims something, like a toy or a bed, the other respects that and stays away. Their original tower was starting to lean like the Tower of Pisa, so we were super excited to bring in a Kitty Mansion as a replacement.”

“However, Flynn claimed it the next day, so now we’re going to have two,” she says.

Well played, cats.

My Neighbor Nara

(Image via Instagram)

Nara was recently photographed posing in a Totoro hat. If she could make a cameo appearance in the anime movie, what would she do?

“If Nara was to appear in My Neighbor Totoro, or any Miyazaki film, really, she’d be very hard to spot,” claims Becki. “I’m 100 percent sure she’d be terrified by everyone and everything within those movies and would be hiding under someone’s bed.”

Check out Flynn and Nara’s Instagram account to get a good look at more of their shenanigans.

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