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44 Famous Cartoon & Anime Cats (With Pictures & Videos)

Written by: Lindsey Lawson

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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44 Famous Cartoon & Anime Cats (With Pictures & Videos)

Cat cartoon characters have existed even before they made it to the big screen. Whether you’re looking for name ideas from pop culture or just want to take a trip down memory lane to be reminded of all the beloved animated felines that have touched our hearts, we have the list for you. Here are the most famous cartoon and anime cats!

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The 44 Famous Cartoon & Anime Cats

Famous Cartoon Cats

1. Garfield — Garfield

Garfield cartoons
Image by: Piqsels

Garfield started as a local comic strip in 1976 but quickly went nationwide in 1978. This lasagna-loving orange tabby cat captured the hearts of everyone. Based on the adventures of Garfield, his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his doggy housemate, Odie, Garfield grew so popular that he was adopted into TV and movies.

2. Felix — Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat was created in 1919 as a comedic cartoon character amid the silent film era. Felix is one of the most recognized cartoon cats in history and always had a secret bag of tricks to get him through his adventures. “Felix the Cat” cartoons made it to American television in 1956.

3. Tom — Tom & Jerry

Image Credit: nextpraveen, Pixabay

“Tom and Jerry” is an animated series of short films created in 1940. This classic follows the comical rival between Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the clever little mouse. These lifelong enemies create nothing but mayhem while hardly ever speaking.

4. Sylvester — Looney Tunes

Sylvester James Pussycat Sr. is a famous “Looney Tunes” character that made his first appearance in 1939. Sylvester is famous for his lisp and tendency to cover the other tunes in saliva. He’s best remembered for the phrase, “sufferin’ succotash!”

5. The Cat in the Hat — Dr. Seuss


Dr Seuss cartoon
Dr Seuss cartoon (Image Credit: Greg Williams via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5)

The iconic Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss debuted in a children’s book in 1957 and has since become the most recognizable character from the Dr. Seuss books. The Cat in the Hat has been all over the big screen and is a symbol for getting kids hooked on reading.

6. The Cheshire Cat — Alice in Wonderland

Cheshire Cat served as Alice’s guide as she made her way through Wonderland. This mischievous and unpredictable purple-and-pink striped cat has a permanent grin on his face and is best known for his quote, “Most everyone’s mad here. Aha . . . HAHAHAHAHA! You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.”

7. Pink Panther — The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is one of the most well-known famous cartoon cats and first debuted in 1963. He appeared in 124 short films and 10 television shows and was known for being a quiet prankster. He was all about using clever tricks to achieve his goals. The “Pink Panther” cartoons became part of NBC’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup in 1969.

8. Figaro — Pinocchio

Figaro is Geppetto’s pet tuxedo cat in Disney’s “Pinocchio” from 1940. Figaro may be a little short-tempered and mischievous, but deep down, he’s a total sweetheart. After his appearance in “Pinocchio,” he showed up as Minnie Mouse’s cat in some cartoon shorts.

9. Top Cat — Top Cat

Top Cat is a Hanna-Barbera character that first debuted in the 1960s. His friends call him TC, and he is used to life on the streets. He is the leader of a gang of alley cats,  and he’s a combination of clever, lazy, and funny. Top Cat is always scheming to make his life on the streets easier.

10. Duchess — The Aristocats

Duchess is the sophisticated former opera singer and mother of Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse in Disney’s 1970 film, “The Aristocats.” After she and her kittens are abandoned in the countryside, they meet alley cat Thomas O’Malley and a slew of other characters as they make their way back to their Paris home.

11. Tigger — Winnie the Pooh

Tigger cartoon
Image by: maikausminga, Pixabay

Tigger is the impulsive and restless tiger from “Winnie the Pooh.” While he isn’t exactly a cat, he’s part of the larger feline family. Tigger is outgoing and fun-loving and thinks any challenge or task is “what Tiggers do best.” Tigger is best known for bouncing around on his tail through the Hundred Acre Wood.

12. Penelope Pussycat — Looney Tunes

Penelope Pussycat is best known as the love interest of Pepé Le Pew, the ever-so-persistent skunk. Penelope is a black and white cat that seems to always be sporting a white stripe, whether painted intentionally or by accident, causing her to resemble a skunk.

13. Hobbes — Calvin and Hobbes

Hobbes is Calvin’s stuffed tiger and best friend that is portrayed as a real, live tiger to Calvin and anyone reading this iconic newspaper comic strip. “Calvin and Hobbes” was a daily comic that ran from 1985 to 1995.

14. Simba — The Lion King

“The Lion King” was released in 1994 and quickly became one of Disney’s iconic classics. It follows the story of Simba, heir of Mufasa, who can’t wait to become king of Pride Rock. After tragedy strikes, he must find his way back home with Nala by his side and battle his evil uncle, Scar.

15. Puss in Boots — Shrek

Voiced by Antonio Banderas, Puss in Boots captivated audiences in the 2004 family comedy, “Shrek 2.” Puss in Boots is a cute, fluffy, orange antagonist that wears large black boots and always carries a sword.

16. Snowball — The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been with us for many years, and so have their versions of Snowball, their beloved family cat. The family keeps replacing Snowball due to the untimely passings of the Snowballs before.

17. Bagheera — The Jungle Book

Bagheera was the protector and mentor of Mowgli in “The Jungle Book.” He was a very intelligent and wise black panther that cared for Mowgli and guided him through his many adventures in the jungle.

18. Tony the Tiger — Frosted Flakes

Trademarked by Kellogg in 1952, everyone knows the face of Tony the Tiger. He is the unmistakable mascot of Frosted Flakes and is known for saying, “They’re grrrrrreat!”

19. Snagglepuss — Snagglepuss

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Snagglepuss is a pink-colored cartoon mountain lion that wears a bowtie, an upturned collar, and sleeve cuffs. This character came to be in 1959 but became official as a studio regular for Hanna-Barbera in 1962. Snagglepuss is known for enjoying the finer things in life and has an affinity for the theater arts.

20. Mr. Jinks — The Huckleberry Hound Show

“The Huckleberry Hound Show” from 1958 may have revolved around Huckleberry Hound, but you sure couldn’t miss Mr. Jinks. After all, he’s always chasing after Pixie and Dixie, the two mice that thoroughly enjoy pranking him.

21. Sgt. Tibbs — 101 Dalmatians

Sgt. Tibbs may have just been a sidekick for Colonel, the Sheepdog in Disney’s “101 Dalmatians,” but he sure made his mark by playing a part in helping Pongo and Perdita rescue their precious puppies from the evil Cruella.

22. Lucifer — Cinderella

Lucifer is the fat cat antagonist that belongs to Cinderella’s evil stepmother. Lucifer is always plotting against Cinderella, trying to sabotage Bruno the bloodhound, and chasing after Jaq, Gus, and the other mice.

23. Stimpy — Ren and Stimpy

Stimpy, or Stimpson J. Cat, is from the controversial 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon, “Ren and Stimpy.” He is the exact opposite of hot-tempered Ren. Stimpy is kind-natured and positive but does take a lot of heat from Ren.

24. Pete — Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is the ambitious young cat from the children’s book series, “Pete the Cat,” written by James Dean and his wife, Kimberly. Pete is named after the real-life kitten the author rescued in 1999.

25. Cat — Catdog

Cat is the more clever half of the duo known as CatDog from the titular Nickelodeon cartoon that started in 1998 and ran for four seasons. The show followed the conjoined “twins,” Cat and Dog, on the many adventures and life challenges they faced together as one.

26. Klondike Kat — Klondike Cat

“Klondike Kat” debuted in the 1960s on the CBS Network. Klondike Cat was famous for always pursuing Savoir Faire, a French mouse that had a sneaky way of always snatching up goodies.

27. Rajah — Aladdin

Rajah was the best friend and protector of Princess Jasmine in the Disney hit, “Aladdin.” Rajah was loyal, faithful, and always at Jasmine’s side during the 1992 movie.

28. Bill — Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat, or Bill D. Cat, is the famous cartoon from the 1980s comic strip “Bill the Cat.” Bill is best known for being quirky-looking and always out of sorts.

29. Mr. Kitty — South Park

Mr. Kitty is the gray pet cat that belongs to Eric Cartman from the crude satirical cartoon South Park. Mr. Kitty first appeared in season one of the show and is actually a female.

30. Heathcliff — Heathcliff the Comic Strip

Heathcliff is an American comic strip from the 1970s that quickly gained popularity all over the country. Heathcliff is an orange tabby that is known for being one of the toughest cats in town. He’s always thieving food and causing trouble wherever he goes.

31. Azrael — The Smurfs

Azrael is the secondary antagonist in the world of the Smurfs. Azrael is the orange cat that belongs to Gargamel, the sworn enemy of the Smurfs. Azrael is more clever than Gargamel and is always giving his advice and pointing out holes in his evil plans.

32. Oliver — Oliver & Company

The 1988 Disney film “Oliver & Company” captured the hearts of many. Oliver was an orphaned little kitten taken in by a group of street dogs. He took part in life on the streets, and when he finally finds a comfortable home in the arms of Jenny, his comfortable new life is threatened by his past.

33. Mochi — Big Hero 6

Mochi may have not played a huge role in the Disney film “Big Hero 6” from 2014. But this precious little Japanese bobtail cat was the pet of Aunt Cass, Hiro, and Tadashi. Mochi was your typical calm and lazy house cat, but he did show his mischievous side when Aunt Cass wasn’t home.

34. Yzma — The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma was the awful, evil sorceress from “The Emperor’s New Groove” who was responsible for transforming Kuzco into a llama. Her magic allowed her to transform into a cute little cat that would melt your heart if she wasn’t so cold and evil.

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Famous Anime Cats

35. Meowth — Pokémon

Pokémon” is undoubtedly one of the most famous anime of all time. Meowth is a nocturnal Pokémon that is a bit cunning and self-important. It doesn’t take kindly to those who look to diminish its self-esteem.

36. Jiji — Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji is the magical, black pet cat of Kiki in “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Jiji remains Kiki’s loyal companion as she trains to become a witch in this 1989 anime film.

37. Chi — Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi is the sweet little kitten from the Japanese manga series, “Chi’s Sweet Home.” Chi accidentally strayed from her mother and ended up in the arms of the Yamada family.

38. Luna and Artemis — Sailor Moon

Luna is a black female cat with the ability to speak, and she acts as a wise mentor to her companions. Artemis is a pure white male cat that is a guardian and mentor to Minako. Both cats sport a crescent moon on their foreheads, and it is implied the two cats have a romantic involvement in the series.

39. Mao Mao — Heroes of Pure Heart

Mao Mao is a wide-eyed little cat with narrow green eyes and jet-black fur. He wears a red cape and a sash in the newer anime comedy, “Heroes of Pure Heart.”

40. Bananya — Bananya and The Curious Bunch

All characters from this anime series have the name Bananya in their name, but the main character, Bananya, is the most memorable of this feline-filled anime cartoon from 2016.

41. Blair — Soul Eater

Blair takes both human and feline form in the anime series, “Soul Eater.” She’s not always evil, but trouble does tend to follow Blair around, and she’s no stranger to playing pranks.

42. Sakamoto — My Ordinary Life

Sakamoto has large eyes and no other facial features. This black cat was found by Nano and Hakase and is always sporting a bright red scarf in the anime series, “My Ordinary Life.”

43. Kuroneko — Trigun

Kuroneko is the big-eyed black female cat that appears in every episode of the anime cartoon, “Trigun.”

44. Nyanko-Sensei — Natsume’s Book of Friends

Nyanko-Sensei, also known as Madara, is a powerful beast that commonly takes the form of a calico cat. He acts as Natsume’s bodyguard and protector under the condition that he inherits the Book of Friends when Natsume passes away.

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Famous cartoon cats go as far back as the early 1900s, and more iconic cat cartoon characters are being created as time goes on. This is good news for cat lovers, as you can enjoy your beloved felines in comics, books, TV, and movies, all while snuggling up with your lifelong companion in real life.

Featured Image Credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images, Pixabay

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