9 Quirky Etsy Gifts for Crafty Cat People (or, Y’know, Hipsters)


So, you have cat lovers on your Christmas list? First, you must be entirely sure they are the sort of people who would appreciate a cat-themed gift. Does he already own a sweater with cats on it? Have you been to her home and seen the tissue cozy with the tabby stitched on it? If so, you’re in the clear — feel free to buy up these funny, unique, one-of-a-kind gifts from Etsy artisans. But do so soon: Some are custom items, which need to be made early in the month to make it under the tree on time.

1. For the self-aware cat lady: Crazy Cat Lady shirt

There’s no shortage of shirts with cats on them, but I liked this one for its simplicity and silliness. I like the cat face, I like that it’s wearing cat-eye glasses. I’m down with the cooper black font. I like that it’s on an American Apparel shirt, which are soft and comfortable. It all works for me.

Of course, not all cat lovers are ladies. Here’s a mug for the vaguely defensive male cat lover in your life.

2. For people who love the idea of cats in business suits: Business Cats Wall Calendar

Amy Beth Geerling Payne is an artist from Michigan who paints these awesome cats wearing professional clothing. They’re quite nice paintings of a surreal, ridiculous idea. $20.

3. For the green thumb: Cat head planter

You can go either way on these. You might find them a little off-putting or you might find them charming and elegant. I’m choosing the latter. Imagine your catnip or cat grass sprouting out of this pretty little cat’s head. Include some seeds in the box and you’ve got a whole gift right there.

4. For the cyclist: Moustachioed cat bike bell

There’s a fair amount of moustachioed cats on Etsy, but I found them most adorable on this bike bell. So refined, these cats. And what’s more refined than cruising around the neighborhood ringing a little bell? The adorableness! It is rife! $16.

5. For everyone: Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Ceramic artist Julie Scheffer’s downright lovely ceramic cat water fountains are one of the nicer items I found, and they’re tasteful enough to match any decor. Check the rest of her store for other designs and bowls. $75.

6. For people who love yellow: Felted cat soap

This year I developed an intense affection for all shades of yellow. I suppose there’s been a bit of cheer in my life after a long time of sadness, so my soul picked the brightest color it could for its new love affair. That could be why this heart-shaped soap ball caught my eye, or was it the cat? Either way, this cinnamon-scented soap looks like a great gift to me. $18.

7. For a tea drinker: Laughing Cat Mug

Tell me you are not in love with this laughing cat. You are in love with this laughing cat. Imagine looking at this laughing cat face on a miserable Monday morning. This laughing cat is going to save some lucky person’s sanity. $20.

8. For the parent: I Like Cats onesie

Indoctrination is important. The earlier you can impress on an infant that she likes cats, the more likely she will be a cat person when she grows up. (This is probably entirely false.) Also! Babies who are not already naturally cute are assured to look cute while wearing little cat faces. $15.

9. For a person with an empty space on the wall: Hipster Cat on Penny-Farthing print

This bespectacled cat is named Atticus, and he’s very casually riding a penny farthing. You know, as cats do. He’s printed on a vintage dictionary page and would make a great addition to a friend’s eclectic art collection. $7.99.

Now, go forth and throw a few dollars to these crafters and small businesses this holiday season! But sure to check the sites for delivery times, so you can get your gift in time for Christmas.

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