Enter the Serene Instagram Kingdom of Kate the Rescue Cat


Kate’s story begins in a bar on a warm summer’s night. Well, technically, it was her humans, Magdalena Grześkowiak and her boyfriend, who were hanging out in the watering hole, when they stumbled across a Facebook post about a “little rescue cat” who was living in a temporary situation with two grown cats that she loved to boss around.

They became smitten with the cat and ended up adopting her. Now, Kate has become a darling of the social media scene thanks to her stunning Instagram account, run by her professional photographer owner.

Here’s your formal invite to Kate’s world.


Image via Instagram.

Magdalena says that Kate first caught her eye because she resembled an aye-aye — a rare type of lemur found in Madagascar. “This cat looked like some extraterrestrial life-form,” says Magdalena. “She had huge ears, big eyes, and surprisingly long legs. We called her Kate because like Kate Moss she had long legs and peculiar looks. After a while she became a model like her namesake.”

Shadow cat

Image via Instagram.

“We have a really close bond,” says Magdalena of her relationship with Kate. She often works at home editing photos, and Kate insists on shadowing her around. “She’s with me every step I take, like when I make dinner in the kitchen or sit at my desk. She’s always on the basket in the bathroom when I take the bath.”

The great outdoors

Image via Instagram.

If you glance over Kate’s Instagram account, you’ll see she’s very much an outdoorsy type of cat. Magdalena says that when they first took Kate outside for a walk, “she was intrigued but cautious” and spent most of her time riding on her humans’ shoulders.

Once she hit the countryside, though, Kate came into her element. “We live in a city but we also have a small place in the country, right next to a national park in northwestern Poland,” explains Magdalena. “That’s where Kate really enjoys going out. She plays in the garden and roams nearby meadows hunting for crickets and flies in tall grass.”

“Taking her for a walk became our regular thing, and she quickly learned how to walk next to us on a leash. Still, every time she gets tired, she climbs on our shoulders and rides, enjoying the views.”

Professional fish spotters

One of Kate’s hobbies is the ancient ritual of fish spotting. I’ll allow Magdalena to explain:

“There are little fishing spots hidden in the reeds near our county house. In summer we often go there in the evening just to sit there and watch the fishes swimming below. Kate loves that.”

Ice Capades

Image via Instagram.

Some of the most eye-catching photographs of Kate depict her on ice. They came about after some of her favorite fish-spotting places froze over back in January.

“We found a quiet spot and stepped on to the ice,” recalls Magdalena. “Kate was surprised that our journey did not end right there on the platform. We thought that her paws would be freezing, but she didn’t mind and focused on exploring the space under the platform instead.

“Then she went on to check the reeds growing nearby — it was the first time she was able to do that without getting wet. She was looking down, on the water beneath her feet, maybe trying to find the fishes.”

Through the looking glass

Image via Instagram.

When asked about her favorites spots to photograph Kate on her adventures, Magdalena pinpoints the meadow near their house. “Sometimes Kate makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland,” she says, “where every blade of grass or tree root seems like a gateway to a brave new world.”

Up in the attic

Image via Instagram.

When not adventuring through the meadows, Kate loves to climb up into the attic, where she trades spotting fish for counting spiders. “When she’s in there, she will enter every hole and every closet,” says Magdalena, “so when she returns she’s always covered with cobwebs.”

A cardboard wonderland

Image via Instagram.

Kate’s magical world also contains one of the most impressive cardboard cat-castles you’ll ever see. After receiving a big box delivery, Magdalena spent an evening turning the packaging into a cat-centric abode.

“The castle was meant to stand for one weekend, but she enjoyed climbing up the stairs and sitting in the tower too much,” she recalls. “We kept it for several weeks, even though the apartment is really, really small and it was always in our way. I just couldn’t take it away from her.”

Head over to Kate’s Instagram account for more bucolic eye candy.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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