Eevee the Camping Cat Lights Up Instagram With Her Antics


“A girl, a cat, and a truck,” runs the tagline to this week’s Instagram account in the spotlight. It’s an apt summation of Eevee the kitty and her adventures, as she hops in her owner’s trusty red ride and galavants around the country on hiking and camping trips.

Here’s a peek into the action-packed lifestyle of our Social Cat of the Week, Eevee.

A workshop kitten

Image via Instagram

“Eevee and her three siblings were born in the closet of a mechanic’s shop where my car was being worked on by a friend of mine,” says Emily, her eventual adopter. “He didn’t know what to do with the kittens, so at about 5 weeks old I took them home.”

After a bunch of communal bathing sessions to get rid of the kittens’ fleas, Emily says that their personalities began to shine through. “Eevee, who at the time was simply Kitten No. 3, started to stand out: She was outgoing, confident, and eager for my attention.”

“The plan was not to keep any of them, but Kitten No. 3 had other ideas.”

The great outdoors

Image via Instagram

With Emily being a dog person previously, she made a vow to herself that she would only keep Eevee if she took well to harness training. Luckily, the cat turned out to be a pro.

“Eevee thrived,” says Emily. “She was eager to go for walks and explore the backyard. It wasn’t until she was about 4 or 5 months old though that she came with me on our first hike together — and she loved it! She was walking ahead of me like she knew the trail already. She was born to be an adventure cat, and I am incredibly lucky to have been the human she ended up with.”

Pitching up for the night

Image via Instagram

After taking to the hiking scene with such aplomb, Emily decided that Eevee would be fine with some full on camping sessions. To that end, she took her first camping trip back in October of last year and “seemed right at home” in her temporary digs.

“We’ve just gotten back from a five night camping trip along the South Carolina coast, and again she was happy as a clam!”

A kitty co-pilot

Image via Instagram

When embarking on camping and hiking adventures, Emily and Eevee hop in their truck. It turns out that Eevee is a top notch co-pilot.

“The passenger seat of the truck is so much Eevee’s that if someone else is riding with us, she gets upset they are in her seat,” explains Emily. “She very quickly adapts to new environments, which helps us travel easily. She’s the perfect little first mate.”

Also, if you were wondering, when on the road, Eevee poops in a travel litter box, which is kept behind her seat.

Let’s all camp along

Image via Instagram

If you’re inspired to take your own cat on a camping trip, Emily has some insider tips you should consider.

“Think about it realistically!” she says. “Your focus will become your cat at all times. There is a certain amount of sacrifice you will end up making on their behalf — there are lots of places pets are not welcome, and you’ll need to be okay with missing out on some of the sights or even restaurants.”

Also, you’ll need to stay “hyper vigilant to keep them safe,” and your cat’s welfare should be your primary concern all of the time.

“You’ll often encounter wildlife or dogs running off-leash that could be real threats to your cat. If you’re willing to make this commitment, they can be truly wonderful travel companions — and, in my opinion, the sacrifices are well worth the reward.”

Cool cat collars

Image via Instagram

When not exploring the outdoors, Emily designs and makes bespoke cat collars under the Whiskered Away name — and already has her eye on a potential celebrity cat client.

“I’ve always had a bit of an adventure cat crush on Sirius Black Adventure Cat,” she reveals. “He’s a beautiful black cat with a panther face and a truly adventurous spirit.”

“If I had to make a collar for him, I would make it with all black leather, so as not to distract from his natural beauty, and bind it with yellow/green cord to match his eyes,” she says.

Hike over to Eevee’s Instagram page for more adventure cat action.

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