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Does Your Cat Have a Secret Life? 3 Telling Signs

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Does Your Cat Have a Secret Life? 3 Telling Signs

Cats are independent creatures that do what they want to do. Sure, they can be sweet and behave well, but they can also be curious and mischievous. While some cats are predictable, you never know what you’ll get from day to day with others. So, it isn’t too crazy to think that your cat might have a secret life behind your back.

Can a cat have a “secret life” that their human companions wouldn’t know anything about? It turns out it is possible. Here are some signs that your cat is leading a secret life that you don’t know about:

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The 3 Signs Your Cat Has a Secret Life

1. Meals Are Being Picked at or Ignored

tabby cat refusing to eat the dry food
Image Credit: Katerina Varnakova, Shutterstock

One big sign that your cat is leading a double life is that they start picking at the food you give them, or they ignore their meals altogether. Every cat is liable to have a bad day and decide not to eat due to an upset stomach or just to take a break for digestive reasons. However, if your cat suddenly starts eating less and the trend continues, chances are that there is a secret life being led.

They could eat at a neighbor’s house or live off food scraps from the garbage in the garage since they’ve learned how to get into it. The point is they’ve figured out another way to get their nutritional needs met.

What to Do About It:

Talk to your neighbors and find out if anyone is offering food to your cat. If someone is, kindly ask them not to feed your cat and invite them to interact with the fuzzball through pets and cuddles instead.

2. Things Are Different When You Get Home

tabby cat sitting on the sofa
Image Credit: AnnaStills, Shutterstock

Another sign of a cat living a secret life is coming home and finding that things seem different. You may not be able to put your finger on what’s different, but you just know that something is not the same as you left it. It could be that your hairbrush is turned over on the bathroom counter, the dish towels seem out of place in the kitchen, or a throw pillow is on the ground when you don’t remember leaving it there.

You might think that your cat is sleeping or playing with their toys all day when you are not there to keep them company. However, they could be taking your house over and exploring/playing with anything they feel like while alone. After all, there is nobody there to stop them!

What to Do About It:

You can always install cameras with speakers around your home and monitor what your cat’s up to during the day virtually. Whenever you catch them doing something you don’t want them to, you can say so through the speaker system and hopefully redirect their attention. You can also make sure that anything you don’t want your cat messing with is kept in a closed room or somewhere else inaccessible to them.

3. The Plants Are Looking Shabby

cat sniffing palm leaves at home
Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

If you notice that your household plants are starting to look shabby, it could be a sign that your cat is leading a secret life as a “jungle kitty.” You might find that the leaves of certain plants are falling off or that a plant looks like it was nibbled. Maybe a plant or two look like they’re nearing death.

Whatever the case, it could be because your feline has decided that they enjoy your plants and want to interact with them more for one reason or another. Interacting with plants might make your cat feel like they’re spending time outdoors where they naturally want to be. Alternatively, it could just be that they like the taste and texture of the plants.

What to Do About It:

Keep your plants where your cat can’t access them. Try hanging them in planters away from furniture or keep them in rooms where your kitty is not allowed to spend time. If necessary, put your plants in outdoor planters that can be seen through your windows.

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Is it Bad for Cats to Have Secret Lives?

The answer to this question depends on the type of secret life a cat has. If they take on the habit of eating food that neighbors give them, there is a risk of developing problems like obesity or being poisoned, whether accidentally or intentionally. So, it’s a good idea to nip that type of secret life in the bud.

When it comes to having a fascination for brushes or developing a habit of rolling in and sleeping in clothes they find on a couch or bed, there is no harm in such a secret life if it doesn’t bother you. Generally speaking, a secret life isn’t necessarily bad as long as your cat’s life isn’t in danger in any way.

Cat sitting under a car in the garage
Image Credit: Alan Marcel Braga Feitosa, Shutterstock

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Yes, cats can have secret lives if they can get away with it. Of course, once we figure out what’s going on, their activities are no longer secret. Unless there is a reason to worry about their health and safety, why not give your cat independence and allow them to take charge of a “secret life?”

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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