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Do Cats Like Watching TV? The Surprising Answer!

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on June 16, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Cat intently watching TV

Do Cats Like Watching TV? The Surprising Answer!

Cats are rather curious creatures that can find entertainment in all sorts of random household objects. While some cats find chasing toys a fun pastime, other cats may enjoy watching TV. Cats’ eyes can pick up specific images on the TV, so they can become intrigued if there’s an image that piques their interest.

It’s very possible to enjoy watching TV with your cat if you both share the same interest in the types of shows you watch. Let’s get the skinny on how to tune into the boob tube with your favorite feline.

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What Does TV Look Like to Cats?

Studies show that cats may find TV interesting when it becomes a source of enrichment. They’re most likely to respond to images of their natural prey, such as rodents, small reptiles, and bugs.

Cats can’t see as many colors as humans, so rather than becoming fixated on flashing colors on screens, they’re more interested in movement. If they see a bird darting back and forth on a screen, they’re more likely to show intrigue.

cat watching TV
Image by: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

What Kinds of Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

Cats that have a strong prey drive are more likely to enjoy watching TV. So, if you have a particularly playful cat that likes to stalk and pounce, you might want to try turning on a nature program and see if they show any interest.

Along with seeing visuals of animals, cats may also respond to sound. So, put the volume up just a little bit so that your cat can hear nature sounds, such as birds chirping or the buzz of insect wings.

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Is Watching TV Bad for My Cats?

TV isn’t particularly harmful to cats’ eyes. However, if you watch TV in the dark, the light may be a little too bright for a cat’s sensitive eyes. Rather than engaging with the TV in this type of setting, your cat is more likely to look away and find something else to do.

More than being a visual danger, TVs may become a physical danger. If your cat tends to act on its curiosity and instincts, it can end up pouncing on your TV. This can cause damage to your screen, but it’s also possible for it to fall on top of your cat.

Therefore, make sure to always supervise your cat if it tends to pounce or swipe. Try to distract your cat with a live toy or treat if you notice that it’s getting ready to jump towards the screen. If you have the wall space, you can also try mounting the TV to a safe distance from the ground.

cat watching tv
Image by: RAW-films, Shutterstock

Fun Apps For Cats That Like Watching TV

Many cat owners have discovered quickly how cats enjoy watching and engaging with TV screens. So, many apps and videos have been created specifically for cats to watch.

You can go on YouTube and find cat-specific videos with images of birds and insects fluttering around the screen. Many videos will also contain accompanying audio.

If your TV is in a safe and unreachable location, it can be a good idea to keep these types of videos on while you’re away. They can reduce boredom for your cat and also emit soothing sounds that can drown out loud outdoor noises and keep your cat feeling calm.

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Wrap Up on Cats Watching TV

Watching TV can be a safe pastime for your cat. Rather than keeping them on the couch, the right programs and images can engage your cat and stimulate its mind and instincts.

Therefore, if you have a cat that enjoys watching TV, don’t hesitate to use it to your advantage. It’ll keep them entertained, and you’ll probably find more fun watching your cat rather than whatever’s happening on the screen.

Featured Image Credit: SnacksInTheBackpack, Pexels

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