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23 Amazing DIY Gifts for Cat Lovers You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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23 Amazing DIY Gifts for Cat Lovers You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

Not all cat lovers own cats, which makes spoiling your cat-obsessed loved ones with cat-themed goodies even more important. There’s a wide selection of gifts aimed at cat lovers available online, but sometimes, it means more to make the gifts yourself.

DIY gifts take time and effort to get right, but the smile on your friend’s face when they unveil a one-of-a-kind cat-themed trinket is worth the effort. This list of DIY gifts for cat lovers includes cat-themed objects and a few handmade cat supplies that all cat owners need.

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Cat-Themed Gifts

1. Cutting Board by Tonx Modern — YouTube

Materials: Beechwood, dark wood stain, cutting board oil
Tools: Wood glue, clamps, miter saw, band saw, handheld router, planer, table saw, rubber mallet
Difficulty: Hard

Wooden cutting boards are stylish, rustic, and always useful even if you don’t do much cooking. If you have a friend who adores cooking as much as they love cats, this cat-face cutting board is the best way to pay homage to two of their favorite things.

This one requires experience with woodworking tools. It also has a few fiddly parts that require a precise hand.

2. Cat Print T-Shirt by Red Handled Scissors

Cat Print T-Shirt by Red Handled Scissors
Image Credit: Red Handled Scissors
Materials: Plain cotton t-shirt, cardboard, cat pattern template, scrap fabric
Tools: Fabric paint, scotch tape, pencil, quilter’s ruler, craft knife, scissors, small sponge brush, stamp-making kit, iron, ironing board
Difficulty: Easy

Making a cat-print t-shirt is easy but does take a bit of time and dedication. Use a plain t-shirt — cotton is best because it’s easier to dye — and make a simple cat-shaped stamp to use. Don’t worry about creating a stamp with whiskers; you can add them later with a sponge brush.

Remember to place cardboard or paper inside the shirt before you start to prevent any paint from bleeding through to the back. Make sure the front is completely dry before tackling the other side.

3. Moving-Eye Cat Plate by Kids Craft Room

Moving-Eye Cat Plate by Kids Craft Room
Image Credit: Kids Craft Room
Materials: Paper plate, black paint, pipe cleaners, pom poms, white paint pen, colored cardstock
Tools: Circle punch, scissors, glue
Difficulty: Easy

Why not let your cat-loving child help with your DIYing? This paper plate craft is the perfect way to encourage your kid to be creative and enjoy much-needed time away from school or homework. With its moving eyes, this cat face is also a great spooky project for Halloween.

4. Kitty Sleep Mask by Artsy Farsty Mama

Kitty Sleep Mask by Artsy Farsty Mama
Image Credit: Artsy Farsty Mama
Materials: Fabric, cotton batting, ½” elastic
Tools: Cricut maker, cat sleep mask template, Cricut FabricGrip mat, iron-on vinyl, 6” x 7” Cricut EasyPress 2, 8” x 10” Cricut EasyPress mat, sewing machine
Difficulty: Medium

We all need a good night’s sleep, and what better way to help your friend take a catnap than with this cat-shaped sleep mask? It’s easy to make and works really well. The best part about this design is that it’s small and enables you to use fabric scraps from a previous project.

If you don’t have a Cricut machine to cut the pieces for you, you can use a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and a ruler to carefully cut out the pieces. 

5. Cat Applique Pillow by We All Sew

Cat Applique Pillow by We All Sew
Image Credit: We All Sew
Materials: Pillow, assorted fabric, Quilter’s freezer paper, assorted threads, batting
Tools: Iron, fabric glue, scissors, fabric marker, pressing board, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, quilting needle, quilt basting spray, sewing machine, overlocker
Difficulty: Medium

This is a great personalized gift idea for your cat-loving friend, but it does take a great deal of work to put together. If your friend has more than one cat, remember to spare enough time to make an applique cushion for all their pets. Take a picture of their cat to use as a reference, and choose fabrics based on the cat’s coloring to create a personalized cat applique pillowcase.

You’ll need a sewing machine and needle that’s powerful enough to handle multiple fabric layers.

6. Kitty Coasters by Cat Haven Crafts

Kitty Coasters by Cat Haven Crafts
Image Credit: Cat Haven Crafts
Materials: Cotton fabric, warm and natural batting, thin ribbon, ¼” bells, cardstock or cardboard
Tools: Ruler, fabric marker, scissors, needle and thread, fabric glue
Difficulty: Easy

While some of the other sewing projects on this list are a little challenging, these Kitty Coasters are much simpler. The design itself is a basic cat shape that makes it a breeze for new DIYers to put together. Use your favorite fabric or offcuts from your last project, and remember to add a cute ribbon for a cute finishing touch.

7. Paw Print Keepsake by Cats Herd You

Materials: All-purpose flour, salt, water
Tools: Mixing bowl, wax paper, craft sealer, oven
Difficulty: Easy

Made with simple ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen, this paw print keepsake is just like homemade clay. This paw print is personalized, completely safe for cats, and a great way to give your friend a memento so they always remember their feline friends. 

You’ll need to cook the dough once you’ve convinced your cat to step on it and then seal it with a craft sealer to stop it from going moldy.

8. Cat-Shaped Wire Bookmark by Amy Latta Creations

Cat-Shaped Wire Bookmark by Amy Latta Creations
Image Credit: Amy Latta Creations
Materials: 16-gauge soft wire
Tools: Steel stamping block, hammer, needle nose pliers, wire cutters
Difficulty: Easy

Bookmarks are easy to lose, even if they’re tucked inside a book. This cat-shaped wire bookmark attaches to the page so it won’t fall out, no matter how often you accidentally drop your novel. Remember to smooth the ends of the wire before you start so you won’t have any sharp edges. Begin by shaping the head before working on the swirled body.

9. 3D Cat Bookmark by sofotech01

Materials: Polymer clay
Tools: Waxed paper, clay tools, paint, plastic or cardboard, glue
Difficulty: Medium

A super cute alternative to the simpler wire bookmark is this 3D clay design. It takes a bit of work to get the clay to look like a sleeping cat, but it’s a rewarding project all the same. Once the clay is set, you can paint it to look like your friend’s cat, or use a fine liner to decorate a plain gray cat with whiskers and closed eyes.

10. Pusheen the Cat Phone Case by FimoKawaiiEmotions

Materials: 30g 100% silicone, 50g cornstarch, acrylic color
Tools: Silicone gun, mixing bowl, wax paper, rolling pin, knife
Difficulty: Medium

One of the best ways to keep something cat-themed close at hand is by attaching it to something that is used all the time. You might have to borrow your friend’s phone for this DIY cat phone case, though, so it might ruin the surprise a little.

Make it look like everyone’s favorite Pusheen cat, or change the design to match your friend’s favorite breed or even their own feline.

11. Clay Coasters by A Beautiful Mess

Clay Coasters by A Beautiful Mess
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Materials: Oven bake clay, acrylic paint, clay sealer
Tools: Kitty coaster template, clay tools, nonstick mat, rolling pin, oven
Difficulty: Medium

There’s another coaster DIY project on this list, but if you know that your friend would prefer something sturdier, these clay cat coasters are the way to go. These clay pieces even have a shallow middle to keep any liquid spills contained and off your cat-loving friend’s workspace.

Making clay coasters by hand also gives you much more control over how the finished product looks. Break out the acrylic paints, and make them look like your friend’s cats!

12. Cat Butt Coaster by Craftgyver

Materials: Felt, pink thread, cat butt template
Tools: Sewing needle and thread
Difficulty: Easy

If you prefer a humorous approach to your gift-giving, these cat butt coasters are the perfect alternative to regular, boring coasters. You can use whatever fabric you like and even add applique designs to give your cats a stylish fur pattern.

The sewing is what takes the most time, but the coasters themselves are quick and easy. Make one or a complete set for your friend.

13. Leather Cat Purse by A Beautiful Mess

Leather Cat Purse by A Beautiful Mess
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Materials: Leather or faux leather (two colors), pink and black leather, standard size zipper, purse chain
Tools: Fabric glue, binder clips, metal ruler, rotary cutter, leather needle, non-stick sewing foot, bag stiffener, craft paper
Difficulty: Medium

Everyone needs a handy bag now and then, and this cat-shaped purse is perfect for your cat-loving friend. Made with leather — real or fake — it’s durable, unique, and a perfect place to stash phones, keys, and makeup supplies. Spice up the design with your friend’s favorite colors, or use a different style strap to make it adjustable.

14. Personalized Coffee Cup by Phenomenal Haley

Personalized Coffee Cup by Phenomenal Haley
Image Credit: Phenomenal Haley
Materials: Ceramic mug
Tools: Paint pen, oven
Difficulty: Easy

We all have a favorite mug, so why not gift your friend a personalized, cat-themed cup for their morning coffee? You’ll need to purchase a plain ceramic mug and paint pens for this DIY project, but you can personalize the mug however you want. Stick with a simple kitty grin, or write the names of your friend’s cats for an extra personal touch.

15. Leather Phone Sleeve by Lana Red Studio

Leather Phone Sleeve by Lana Red Studio
Image Credit: Lana Red Studio
Materials: Leather
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, chalk, wood-burning tool
Difficulty: Medium

This phone sleeve is a project that requires you to borrow your friend’s phone to take measurements. While the design itself is relatively easy — just two pieces of leather stitched together — etching the design on the front does pose a challenge. 

If you’re unfamiliar with wood-burning tools, keep the cat-themed design as simple as possible. You can also use a soldering iron if you don’t have a wood-burning tool at home.

16. Cat Toe Shoes by Julie Measures

Cat Toe Shoes by Julie Measures
Image Credit: Julie Measures
Materials: Shoes, fabric paint
Tools: Tape, paintbrushes
Difficulty: Easy

Shoes might seem like a strange canvas, but if you like painting or making unique gifts for your friends, styling a pair of plain shoes to look like cats is a fun project to try. You can upcycle your friend’s old, faded shoes or purchase a new, plain pair in their size that you can add a kitty flair to. 

This project doesn’t require an artist’s touch either. You can simply paint the tips of the shoes and add a couple of ears and a feline face. 

17. Kitty Teapot by Make & Fable

Kitty Teapot by Make & Fable
Image Credit: Make & Fable
Materials: Plain teapot, relief paste
Tools: Soft pencil, eraser, cat face template
Difficulty: Easy

A DIY teapot is a perfect gift for your tea-loving best friend, especially if you can’t find a teapot that your friend will like. Buy a plain ceramic teapot, and use relief paste to create a stylish cat face design on the side. 

Unlike other ceramic projects on this list, this one doesn’t need to be baked in the oven. Just leave it to dry for a few days.

18. Cat Plant Pots by Bru DIY

Cat Plant Pots by Bru DIY
Image Credit: Bru DIY
Materials: Plastic bottle
Tools: Scissors, permanent marker, spray paint
Difficulty: Easy

Most of us have house plants, but sometimes, the ordinary pots aren’t interesting enough to give our décor that unique style we all crave. These cat plant pots are both adorable and made with old, recycled bottles. Give them to your friend empty or with their favorite plant to get them started. You can even fill the pots with cat grass for your friend’s cats.

19. Feline Silhouette Painting by Dream a Little Bigger

Feline Silhouette Painting by Dream a Little Bigger
Image Credit: Dream a Little Bigger
Materials: Canvases, paint (two or more colors)
Tools: Projector, cat silhouette images, paintbrush
Difficulty: Easy

If you have a projector, these silhouette paintings are a breeze to do even if you’re not a painter. Choose two contrasting paint colors, grab a canvas, line up the silhouette with the projector, and paint the shape that you see. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this project, the result is worth the effort that you put in!

20. Air Dry Clay Ring Bowl by Messy Little Monster

Air Dry Clay Ring Bowl by Messy Little Monster
Image Credit: Messy Little Monster
Materials: Air dry clay
Tools: Small bowl, rolling pin, knife, cling film, acrylic paint pen, paint
Difficulty: Easy

Rings and earrings are easy to lose, which is why having a handy cat-themed bowl is a great gift for your friend. It’s the perfect project to get the kids helping out too and doesn’t require baking in an oven. Use an existing bowl to find the right size and form the shape of the ring dish, and remember to include the ears when you’re cutting the clay.


Supplies for Cats

21. Cat Bowl Placemat by Tipically Simple

Cat Bowl Placemat by Tipically Simple
Image By: Tipically Simple
Materials: ½ yard of fabric, batting
Tools: Scissors, fabric marker, pins, iron, sewing machine, rotary cutter, ruler
Difficulty: Medium

If you need a sewing project to use up old fabric, why not make a fishy placemat for your friend’s cat? While it’ll be easier if you have experience using a sewing machine and batting, it’s a good project if you’re a beginner too.

The instructions might rely on a fish template, but you can experiment with all sorts of cat-themed designs — even a cat-shaped one!

22. Rope Bowl Cat Bed by Lia Griffith

Rope Bowl Cat Bed by Lia Griffith
Image By: Lia Griffith
Materials: Cotton clothesline, white thread, fabric, quilt batting, black craft paint
Tools: Sewing machine, pins, scissors, small paintbrush, fabric marker
Difficulty: Medium

This rope bowl cat bed serves two purposes. If your cat-loving friend doesn’t have a cat that can benefit from the cozy bed, they can use it as a rope basket for storage. Personalize it with your or your friend’s favorite cat-themed fabric for the cushion, and remember to decorate the bed with a cat’s face.

23. Knitted Cat Bed by The Owner Builder Network

Knitted Cat Bed by The Owner Builder Network
Image By: The Owner Builder Network
Materials: Ohhio braid
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Similar to the rope bowl cat bed, this knitted cat bed is just as cozy. It might not look like much, but if your cat-crazy friend also loves knitting, the faux-knitted style of this bed is the perfect gift. With only a few tools and materials necessary, it’s also one of the easiest DIY plans on this list.

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DIY projects are fun and rewarding, especially when you can surprise your best friend with a cat-themed possession that they’re bound to adore. You can treat your friend to a wide variety of gifts, from cat print t-shirts to a handy mug or even a new cat bed or toy for their feline friends. Choose your favorite DIY plan, and give it a shot — the results might just make you love cats yourself!

Featured Image Credit: 5 second Studio, Shutterstock

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