Treat Your Cat to … Different Types of Cat Toys

Cats love cat toys — seems like a no-brainer, right? But there are all different kinds of cat toys … so which one is best for your cat? Let’s review different types of cat toys — from cat puzzles to the classic toy mice to everything in between!

Kitten playing with and biting a toy.
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Cat toys are a great way to liven up your kitty’s day. Toys not only stimulate cats to get more exercise, they are a fantastic way to bond with your feline friend and bring out her inner kitten. Looking for new ways to spoil your kitty this month? Check out these different kinds of cat toys!

1. Cat Water Fountains

Flower Fountain, Catit.
Flower Fountain, Catit.

If your cat enjoys batting at water, she’ll love a cat water fountain. This way, you won’t have to leave water running all day to keep your H2o-loving kitty stimulated when you’re at work or asleep. Plus, a cat water fountain will keep your feline properly hydrated.

2. Cat Tunnels

Tunnel of Fun, Collapsible 3-way Cat Tunnel Toy with Crinkle, Purrfect Feline ($11.99).
Tunnel of Fun, Collapsible 3-way Cat Tunnel Toy with Crinkle, Purrfect Feline ($11.99).

From simple one-way tunnels, to tunnels linked up in multiple directions, this type of cat toy adds a new thoroughfare for the cat zoomies! Most tunnels include hanging toys inside for additional play. Cat tunnels stimulate some of the same types of play your cat might enjoy from an empty cardboard box but are more delightful to have out in your house — a treat for kitty, and a treat for you!

3. Cat Toys Made of Sisal and Wood

Cat Toy Feather Sisal Rope Balls Scratcher Rattle Ball, The Meow Shop ($4.99).
Cat Toy Feather Sisal Rope Balls Scratcher Rattle Ball, The Meow Shop ($4.99).

If brightly colored plastic isn’t dignified enough for you (or your selective cat!), there is an array of natural cat toys using more muted or natural colors made of wood and sisal. These toys are easy for your cat to grip onto, complement any home decor/aesthetic and bring out your cat’s wild hunter within! The Natural Pet Company is committed to minimizing its “carbon paw print” in the manufacturing of cat toys and, as its website explains, “Natural for us isn’t just a fad; it’s a value that we cherish.”

4. Cat Exercise Wheels

Cat Exercise Wheel, One Fast Cat ($199).
Cat Exercise Wheel, One Fast Cat ($199).

Like a treadmill for cats (or a giant hamster wheel) cat exercise wheels are an innovative new way for your cat to build muscle and decrease boredom. The wheel may even decrease the likelihood of your cat developing depression, according to the manufacturer!

5. Rattling Cat Toys

Fur Rattle Ball for cats, Mickey’s Pet Supplies ($0.95).
Fur Rattle Ball for cats, Mickey’s Pet Supplies ($0.95).

Many cats find rattling sounds completely irresistible. Rattle toys can be plush, furry or hard plastic to meet your cat’s preferences. The sound is likely to inspire your cat to pounce like a kitten.

6. Apps for Cats

Game for Cats, Little Hiccup, LLC.
Game for Cats, Little Hiccup, LLC.

Is your cat always interested in your phone or your computer? If so, your high-tech kitty might enjoy some screen time of her own. Apps can be downloaded (many for free) on any iPad or other tablet. On screen, your cat will be able to bat at everything from dots of light and animated bugs to butterflies, mice, fish and lizards!

7. “Fishing Pole” Toys for Cats

Fishing Pole Teaser, KONG.
Fishing Pole Teaser, KONG.

Feathers or plush toys suspended at the end of a string attached to a pole are just a few variations on this classic cat toy. The interactive nature of the fishing toy makes it an ideal way to bond with your cat.

8. Cat Climbing Toys

Climbing steps, CosyandDozy ($200.55).
Climbing steps, CosyandDozy ($200.55).

Take your cat’s play to new heights — literally — by giving her the opportunity to climb! Treat your kitty to some cat furniture to add new dimensions to your cat’s play. Options include: carpeted, simulated trees, or even ramps and walkways that attach directly to your walls. Buy pre-made climbing toys or spend a weekend on a DIY project designing and building your own!

9. Cat Puzzles

Go Fish, Jackson Galaxy ($29.99).
Go Fish, Jackson Galaxy ($29.99).

Is your cat bored? With cat puzzles, kitties use their paws to manipulate hidden toys through holes or lift pieces out to uncover hidden treats. Puzzle toys are great for cats who tire of the same toy easily because you can add treats and other toys to increase the difficulty of play — even when they become experienced with the puzzles.

10. Cat Lasers

Star Wars Laser Toy for Pets, Petco ($2.49).
Star Wars Laser Toy for Pets, Petco ($2.49).

Not just for Power Point presentations at work, laser pointers are a fun and interactive way to play with felines. A few notes about laser toys for cats — be cautious not to shine the light directly into your cat’s eyes. Cat laser pointers may lead to frustration since there’s no prey to “catch,” so make sure you always let your cat “kill” a toy at the end of the play session.

11. Toy Mice

Cat Toy Mouse, EcoFeltStudio ($10.94).
Photography © Jurgita Vesalainen. Cat Toy Mouse, EcoFeltStudio ($10.94).

Toy mice are a classic for cats — and with good reason! Whether in bright or more natural colors, catnip filled or not, toy mice come in a diversity of designs and your cat will enjoy hunting her “prey” under furniture and around your house.

12. Cat Toys With Catnip

Yeowww! Organic Catnip Fruit Cat Toys, Only Natural Pet (prices vary).
Yeowww! Organic Catnip Fruit Cat Toys, Only Natural Pet (prices vary).

Catnip in any of the above toys or sprinkled on your carpet is likely to inspire your cats to play! Your local farmer’s market may even have fresh catnip that you can purchase dried or to plant and grow in your own home.

Thumbnail: Photography ©Wavebreakmedia | Getty Images.

June is Treat Your Kitty Month here at Catster! Stay tuned on for fun ways to spoil your kitty with different types of food, treats and more. 

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6 thoughts on “Treat Your Cat to … Different Types of Cat Toys”

  1. This toy looks good, I also bought Maume’s mball recently. My cat likes it very much. I don’t have too much energy and nowhere to vent. I recommend this toy:

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  5. I have seen reviews that praise the Vee Purrfect Feather Bouncer toy. It is my cats’ favorite toy. However, the construction is flawed (based on having bought a dozen of these over the past 3 years). Sooner or later, the wand comes apart in the middle. Most recently, this happened at the very first use of a new wand ! If only the Vee company would make the connection of the two parts of the wand stronger. I went to the Vee website but there is no way to email them that I could find. I would definitely buy more if they didn’t self destruct so quickly.

  6. I bought a mouse-shaped laser pointer for my cat. Once she’d had a good work-out chasing the dot of light I threw her the mouse for the thrill of the kill.

    Naturally, she chewed on the mouse and shook her head to stun it. She chewed down on the activating button, and her head shakes caused the dot of light to dance around.

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