From a Catster Editor: What National Cat Day Means to Me


If you ask me, holidays such as Halloween and Christmas suffer from identity crises. Long discussions can ensue when you ask, “What’s this day all about?” Not so, National Cat Day, which is Saturday (Oct. 29). In fact, a short web search led me to what looks like a definitive source on National Cat Day from the people who started it.

“We live to celebrate cats and help them to find forever homes,” says this source, and “We explode the internet every Oct. 29.”

The day is intended to celebrate the cats we live with but also call attention to the cats in shelters who need homes. Accordingly, the folks behind National Cat Day “encourage you to spoil your fur baby a little more on National Cat Day than any other day” and also help homeless cats by “making a donation to your local shelter in their honor.” But the best way to observe the day, they say, is to “Save a life! So if you can, adopt, don’t shop.”

Well put.

Here at Catster we made a short video to highlight seven ways that cats say “I love you” in observation of National Cat Day. Have a look at that video below, and I’ll follow up by stating a few examples of what I think about on National Cat Day.


The main way I channel my feelings on National Cat Day is via my cat, Thomas, who I’ve written about pretty extensively here on Catster. I’ll give you some highlights of how Thomas has changed my life, linking to some of my Cat Dandy columns.

1. Thomas is the first cat I’ve considered a friend


Jackson Galaxy helped me figure this out. I’m glad he did.

2. Thomas is the first cat I’ve picked up and held


I have to offer some explanation here. First, I’d not held a cat before because most cats I’ve lived with did not tolerate being picked up. Ever. I’ll also admit that until I got to know Thomas, my friend-cat, I wasn’t ready to pick up a cat.

3. Thomas helps me meditate


I practice Shambhala Buddhism, and most mornings I sit for at least 20 minutes (and longer when I can). Thomas seems to understand my intention, and often he joins me.

4. Thomas doesn’t judge me, so I forgive him his vices

One night, Thomas got stoned and spent the night in a “hot tub.” I was okay with that. Just look at him. How could you not support this level of bliss?


He’s also a bit kinky. He has a foot fetish, you see. Again, I’m cool with that. In fact, I’m his chief enabler.


5. He sees my most intimate sides


We humans share a lot in the bedroom … and sometimes cats pick up on that energy (as well as the pheromones) and just want to hang out. I wondered whether other cat owners had encountered this, and how they reacted. I was a bit nervous putting this question out there, but it got a great response. I interviewed two experts — a veterinarian and a sexologist — for their input.

6. Thomas has helped me explore metaphysical terrain


Yes, I gave my cat a Tarot reading. I had no idea what to expect. I was prepared for it to be a total comedy act, a serious encounter, or completely meaningless. Turns out I got a pretty big surprise — and had a good laugh.

7. He’s so cool, Martha Stewart helped me clean up his barf


I do mean that literally. (Disclaimer: Martha Stewart was not at my house.)

8. He taught me a lot about being a cool cat guy


The intersection of my life, Thomas’ life, and my role at Catster has led me to explore a lot of things about myself, my cat, cats in general, and the way society perceives and treats us all. I reduced the cool-cat-guy equation to three elements: clothing, confidence, and compassion. Essentially, that means be good to yourself, believe in yourself, and extend those feelings to others, helping cats any way you can.

That’s a fitting summary to what National Cat Day means to me.

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