5 Ways My Cats Have Taught Me to Stay Warm


Winters in Minnesota are pretty darn cold. I grew up in Georgia and Florida, and when I moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 1990, I was pretty shocked by the frigid temps. I often wondered how people function in that kind of weather. I’ve acclimated over the years, and only yesterday was all but dancing naked in the balmy 15┬░ F temperature. But hey, I’m always looking for new ways to stay warm, especially when the winter months hit.

Cats are the ultimate heat seekers. And they’re totally shameless about where they snag it. They don’t care how ridiculous they look as long as they’re cozy. I thought since my cats seem to be masters in the ways of heat seeking, I’d observe and try some of their methods. Here are my results.

1. Venting

We have this fabulous vent that just happens to blast warm air onto the rug below the kitchen sink. Phoebe is a total vent hog and rarely lets anyone else occupy this space. Although she looked mildly confused, she allowed me a few moments in front of her beloved vent. I notice she likes to press her paws to the vent, and occasionally flatten her entire body against it, stealing all the kitchen heat from everyone else in the immediate area. I decided to try both poses.

My body is larger, so when I stretched out, I was only able to warm a few inches of my body — not as awesome as I expected. My hands and feet definitely get cold faster than other parts of my body, so I had high hopes for the “paws against the vent” method. This felt cozy, but my lack of flexibility made the position less than comfortable. Warm “paws” aren’t worth back spasms. Also, I need to start doing yoga again.

2. Sucking human warmth

My cats constantly want to curl up in my lap or stretch themselves across my body. I love this! Humans must emit a boat load of warmth, and I wanted to see for myself.

Turns out most people don’t quite enjoy other people lying on top of them, trying to steal warmth. Also turns out, it’s really not all that comfortable.

3. Loads of laundry

Ah, what’s cozier than a fresh load of warm laundry? My cats have total laundry radar and zone in on any basket of laundry that’s just emerged from the dryer.

I was pretty excited to try this one. I lay on top of the laundry and even burrowed a little bit, which isn’t all that easy to do. Plus, watching a grown woman burrow into a pile of laundry isn’t all that attractive … unless there’s some sort of fetish out there. Hey, totally possible!

4. Blanket statements

I have the most wonderful soft green blanket. I keep it on the sofa at all times, and no matter the time of year, drape it over my body when I’m watching TV or reading. My cats are also fans of this blanket, but enjoy digging their way underneath it until they’re completely covered. I decided I needed to try that — maybe the green blanket contained even more magic than I’d originally thought.

Here’s the trouble: You see, I’m more than a little claustrophobic and was overcome with a surprise mini-panic-attack when I totally covered myself. Sure, it was really warm, but also full of panic. A fair trade off? Not so much.

5. Sucking feline warmth

My cats are not usually keen on snuggling together, but occasionally Cosmo and Phoebe curl up and feed off each other’s fuzzy warmth. I’m no stranger to a cat in my lap, so I know they provide plenty of heat, but I wanted more. I wanted the “cat-on-cat” cuddle experience.

I have to say this method was a true winner. Although I had to switch positions until I found one that didn’t kill my back, it was well worth it.

In what ways do your cats teach you to stay warm? Tell us in the comments!

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