San Diego Couple Remodeled Their Home to Fit Their Cats


All right, so you’ve already decorated your home in kittenish hues, bought a cat condo couch, and maybe you even bought canine-canceling headphones for your feline friend … but are you ready to dedicate your entire home to the luxurious fancies of your cat?

Cat lovers and artists Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have uprooted their home in order to cater to the whims of their family of felines. You might have seen their famous home on television, but we figured it was time to remind you of how much some people love their cats (and their art!).

With a desire to create a space for humans and cats to enjoy, the San Diego-based couple started by building a maze of perches that allow the cats freedom to roam throughout the house in a way that caters to their natural instincts as climbers. Also, what better way is there to look down upon your human servants?

With Bob and Frances’ eclectic sense of decorating, the catwalks that line their home in bright colors aren’t really that out of place. In fact, with the ambience they’ve created, it seems, well, perfectly natural to have an elevated catwalk running through the house!

In case you were curious — yes, they do offer tours of their home. And you can buy a book about it. Their belief is that by making their private space public, they can bring awareness to the creative ways we can live in harmony with our animal friends.

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