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14 Fun Cat Posters For Kids’ Bedrooms: Funny, Artistic & Cute Options

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Funny cat in a puppet costume of a pirate on the pier

14 Fun Cat Posters For Kids’ Bedrooms: Funny, Artistic & Cute Options

Are you looking for the perfect way to spruce up your child’s bedroom? For all the pet lovers out there, a cute and quirky cat poster is sure to inspire a smile every time they enter the room. If your children are bonafide feline fans, check out these fun cat posters for kids’ bedrooms to complete their space.

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The 14 Fun Cat Posters For Kids’ Bedrooms

1. Paws Poster (Jaws Parody)

Paws Poster (Jaws Parody)

As a playful take on a terrifying tale, this adorable Jaws parody poster adds a PG spin to the Spielberg classic. At an 8×10 size, it’s a perfect fit for a frame and a stylish way to decorate your child’s bedroom.

2. Hang in There! Poster

Hang in There! Poster

Take it back to basics with the classic cat holding on for dear life and inspiring those around them never to give up. This funny and cute poster will start your child’s day off on the right note by letting them wake up with a little motivation.

3. Once Upon a Time Poster

Once Upon a Time Poster

There’s no twist to this abbreviated fairy tale. Let your daughter detail her love of cats in so many words with a funny aluminum wall hanging.

4. Curiosity Pop Poster

Curiosity Pop Poster

Bring the Warhol vibes to your children’s room with this feline take on the eccentric pop artist’s style. Even if they’re too young to appreciate the design, they’ll still get a kick out of four inquisitive kitties peering out at them.

5. Cat Friday the 13th Poster

Cat Friday the 13th Poster

Here’s one for the horror fans. As an appropriate antagonist for a slasher film, a sharp-clawed kitty takes Jason’s place in this fun twist on the Friday the 13th series. Hopefully, you won’t have to explain the “Ch Ch Ch Meow Meow Meow” reference.

6. Breeds of Cat Poster

Cat poster breeds

Keep your child’s cat knowledge sharp with this 16×24 cat breed poster. Featuring 54 popular domestic cat varieties, your child will always have a handy reference nearby whenever needed.

7. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Cat Poster

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Cat Poster

Your child won’t have to compromise between their love of cats and affinity for art with this offbeat take on Van Gogh’s most well-known work. The 12×16 canvas is ready for a frame so your child can showcase it as the masterpiece it truly is.

8. Rainbow-Colored Cat Poster

Rainbow Colored Cat Poster

Gorgeous pops of color make this cat poster a surefire highlight in your daughter’s room. No matter the size, the rainbow-hued vibrance will grab attention and offer inspiration for years.

9. Grumpy Cat Face Poster

Grumpy Cat Face Poster

Childhood is a whirlwind of ever-changing and often intense emotions. Embrace the attitude with this cat poster celebrating grumpiness in an appropriately lighthearted fashion. Add it to your child’s bedroom, and it may be just the thing to brighten their mood after a rough day.

10. Will Wake for Food Poster

Will Wake for Food Poster

Lazy cats are ambassadors of the bedroom and the constant desire to lie around all day. Many kids need a strong incentive to pull them out of bed on the weekend, and if that includes your child, they’ll find a definite kinship with the tired kitty in this poster.

11. Breaking Through Paper Poster

Kitten Poster

Add a little action with this poster of a cat exploding through paper. Paired with the right room color, you could even create the illusion of a cat blasting through your child’s bedroom wall.

12. Baby Cat Sleeping Poster

Kittens sleeping poster

Tastes come and go, but cuteness never falls out of style. Put a smile on your child’s face with this undeniably adorable poster of two cuddly kittens.

13. Feline Fine Poster

Cat Poster Trends International

Rocking the shades against a vintage filter, this is one cool cat. From toddlers to teens, kids of all ages can relate to a laid-back feline living their best life.

14. Bouncing Cat Ball Poster

Cat Poster Bouncing

These cats look determined, but who could ever take them seriously? This adorable and hilarious collection of balled-up bouncing cats is essential kids’ room decor that will garner amused glances every single day.

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Are you feeling the inspiration yet? Cats come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s only proper that cat posters do as well, giving you a limitless selection to match your child’s personality and room decor. Take inspiration from these fun cat posters for kids’ bedrooms to start designing the perfect space for the little pet lovers in your life.

Featured Image Credit: Daykiney, Shutterstock

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