Summer Queen the Ragdoll Aspires to Be a Pro “Meowdel”


Let’s get directly to the point: Summer Queen is a kitty who looks like a good-natured, smiling version of Grumpy Cat. This Ragdoll, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, has used her optimistic charms to rack up a burgeoning social media following as she glows for the camera and regales her fans with talk about her loves of shrimp and rosé and her aspirations to become a full-time meowdel.

Here’s how Summer Queen does it.

A real model kitty

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Summer Queen is open about her goal to become a professional meowdel — although her career might not be taking off at the sort of warp speed she’d like. An early attempt to model for the headphone purveyors Bose turned out to be an unpaid gig, while her billboard dreams have so far translated only to a small photo in the window of a chain of cellphone stores.

Still, she’s keeping a positive outlook on her career. As she maintains, “I am a really famous meowdel now.”

Elton Who?

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Summer Queen lives with another cat, a burly Burmese chap named Elton Hercules John. When Elton learned that he’s not nearly as Instagram famous as Summer Queen, he was not exactly pleased. As Summer Queen quipped to the above photo, “Elton’s face when he realized I’m the star of this account.”

An expressive face

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Summer Queen is definitely all about her facial expressions. In this instance she teased, “My face when I realized that I forgot to wake my human this night.” Quite the joker.

Hear her roar!

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Our feisty feline can also get fierce as she attempts to mimic a lion. (Insert outdated Katy Perry theme song joke here.)

An outdoors type

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

In tandem with her BFF Elton, Summer Queen is allowed regular access to the outdoors — although her owner is a stickler for ensuring that she always wears a harness for safety reasons. As she pouted for this snap she was heard to mutter, “Tried to convince my human that the picture would be much better without a red harness.” Hey, at least it wasn’t a tartan one.

Summer Queen turns two

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Six weeks ago, Summer Queen celebrated her second birthday. As she excitedly relayed to her fans, “I hope my human will give me a shrimp cake.”

Our birthday gal also attempted to doll herself up with some fancy midsummer flowers — although from the photographic evidence, play instincts appeared to trump fashion sense in this case.

The rosé sipper

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

It’s not hard to deduce that Summer Queen is an enthusiastic fan of filling her glass with rosé whenever the opportunity arises.

“Me when my human opens a bottle of rosé,” she gleefully explained here.

It’s Caturday, Caturday!

Image via summerqueenkitten Instagram

Finally, let the record show that Summer Queen is a total Caturday addict — although sometimes it seems her human needs a little reminder about the real meaning of the weekly holiday. As Summer Queen says, “It’s Caturday, that means attention to me not books.”

Check out the rest of Summer Queen’s adventures on her Instagram outlet.

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