5 Household Activities My Cats Are Obsessed With


In general, my cats are pretty nosy, especially Phoebe. They all like to know what’s happening in their house, and more importantly, if they’re missing anything. Cats never want to be the last ones to arrive at the party.

I’ve found there are a few activities that magnetize my cats way more than the daily run-of-the-mill household action. They’ll come running from all points in the house when they hear, see, or magically sense me doing any of these five chores or activities.

1. Putting away groceries

My cats are already on alert when someone enters the house, and when someone is in and out, carrying bags, well, that just takes things to the next level. The kitties gather in the kitchen, look around expectantly, and sniff all the bags on the floor. Occasionally, one of them will try to climb inside an unpacked bag of groceries, causing it to tip over. Then they freak out because a can of tuna made a thud or a bag of chips crinkled especially loudly. But their alarm only lasts a few seconds, and they’re back at it. Of course, the best part of unloading groceries is the final collection of empty bags on the floor. Party!

2. Crafting of any kind

Go grab some crafting supplies and sit on the floor — go ahead do it, I’ll wait. What happened? I’m no psychic, but I can tell you exactly what happened. Cats came running, examining every bucket, piece of fabric, roll of ribbon, and stack of construction paper. Amiright? I thought so. And then they further get all up in our business by plopping down on top of the project at hand. Crafty little devils, they are.

3. Unveiling holiday decorations

When the tubs full of our Christmas decorations hit the floor, all felines immediately make the scene. First of all, giant tubs! Of stuff! They must sniff each item as it’s pulled from the tubs, and then jump inside each one. Everyone knows napping on top of strings of Christmas tree lights is super comfortable, right?

4. Laundry time

Laundry: The daily challenge, and not just because I don’t enjoy the chore — my cats make it sorta difficult to complete the task. I either have to fold the laundry behind closed doors (stop laughing), or hand the basket over to them for a few hours and then fold my wrinkly, cat hair-covered garments. Cats love them some fresh laundry.

5. Gift wrapping

Like crafting, gift wrapping is definitely a major draw for cats. The crinkly paper, empty gift bags, ribbons, and tape! Yay! Plus, I’m on the ground trying to do something productive, so why wouldn’t cats try to “help”? I really should do some of these activities on a tabletop, but I’m kind of a floor person, so I guess I get what I get — a sore back and crew of feline assistants.

Do any of your activities magnetize your cats? Tell us about them in the comments!

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