My Cat’s Bucket List Is WAY Better Than Mine!


I’m not one of those people who has a specific bucket list with lots of impressive goals. I tend to be pretty happy and laid back, and somehow, I still achieve my goals. For example, I could list the countries I’d like to travel to, but I’d really be happy to be able to travel to many places. I have no doubt that I will travel in the future. Where? Who knows? I’m sure it will be fun.

Now would my cat be as laid back about a bucket list? I doubt it.

But who says a bucket list has to read like an annual report? As I’ve discovered, my bucket list (and yours, too) is a little different from another list.

Meanwhile, my cats are busy teaching me to live in the moment, now. My cats may not have goals, either, but they have certainly taught me to think BIGGER about life.

So, here are some wants and dreams of mine, and here are my cats’ comparative counterparts. As you can see — my cats often dream much bigger than I do. Not only do they dream, they implement! They’re a constant source of inspiration!

I want to learn to dance — but my cats dance all the time, without worrying about learning to dance

I love to dance, and I know a few steps. I wouldn’t mind learning more (tango and salsa come to mind). But somehow, I never manage to figure out ways to take lessons or to teach myself. It falls to the bottom of the pile in the rest of life’s business.

My cats, however, dance all the time. They make it an intrinsic part of their life! I think it’s hardwired into their cells. I should try this.

Jamie Bluebell dances every opportunity she gets, and it usually involves rolling gracefully and excitedly around on the floor. Special events that spur the dancing include when we come home (she flops down on the floor and rolls around in a state of bliss), or when the yoga mat gets rolled out (she flops on the yoga mat and dances through several supine poses with joy on her face). I should try this!

I want to play the piano better, but I don’t practice — my cat doesn’t let lack of skill stop him, and he plays all the time

Kieran, my piano playing cat, doesn’t beat himself up about lack of skill or lack of time. He runs to the piano with abandon, joyfully expressing whatever’s on his mind with his paws and his butt. Again, here’s inspiration for me!

I want to publish my cat fantasy novel — my cats want to LIVE my cat fantasy novel

I have a cat fantasy novel that’s been in a drawer for a while. Yes, I do want to publish it, but it’s been forgotten with the stuff of life crowding it out. Would my cats worry about publishing a novel? No way. They want to LIVE the novel. And what cat wouldn’t want to walk through a world where Cat Magic makes everything run smoothly, and where cats have magical powers such as telepathy, time traveling, and paws-on healing? They’re probably already living it — and I’m too dense to see it.

I want to move to look great — my cats want to move to the food bowl or to play, and they always look great

I always want to look better or to be healthier. But I don’t think my cats worry about this, and they manage to look great, anyway. Have you ever seen a bad-looking cat. All cats are beautiful, from the tiniest kitten to the oldest cat. Maybe I should stop worrying so much and take a lesson from my cats!

I want to reach enlightenment — my cats are already there

They teach me all the time. When I’m feeling like I’m not (insert any word of your choice here: rich, good, effective, etc.) enough, maybe I should just watch my cats. They can teach me a thing or two.

What’s your bucket list and how does it compare to your cat’s bucket list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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