Kitty Horoscopes: For September, the Refined Virgo


Editor’s Note: For a while there, we were doing canine horoscopes on Dogster. And recently it occurred to us that it might be fun to do the same with cats. So we’ll be doing these once a month until we run out! Purr!

For ten thousand years astrology has served as a useful tool for discerning the character of humans, but the wisdom of the stars can also reveal insights into felines. Any clues that unravel the mysteries of cats make happier cats and happier guardians.

If you’re lucky enough to know your cat’s birthdate, a more precise astrological chart can be drawn, but even narrowing the time down to a monthly zodiac or sun sign is helpful to figure out what makes your cat tick. Pedigreed cats with papers will include the date of birth. Even if you have no idea when your cat was born, learning the traits of each sign will help pinpoint their sign. Cats born on the cusp or border of two signs will often have traits of both those signs.

There’s no question after 30 years of using astrology to analyze feline character, I’ve have found certain traits unique to each sign and the correlations uncanny. There are of course exceptions to every rule, however.

Let’s talk about Virgo!

  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Gray and dark blue
  • Gem Stone: Sapphire
  • Archetype: The caretaker

My cat Gris Gris, pictured above, is a classic Virgo, according to the personality traits of the sixth sign of the zodiac. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which rules the nervous system, making these cats alert but somewhat nervous, rarely keeping still. They lean towards small, slim and wiry frames. Even fat Virgos never look like slobs.

Their Element is Earth, providing a grounding influence, and they appear shy, preferring to be on the sidelines rather than the center of attention. Chances are they won’t make direct eye contact until they feel safe and secure.

These are not the cats banging against the bars in a shelter meowing their heads off, "Look at meeee, take meeee home!" You might not even notice them at first, slinking in the shadows. By comparison, a chatty Gemini, which is also ruled by Mercury but has volatile Air as their element, has a far more excitable nature.

When meeting a Virgo kitty, let them come to you, not just at the beginning, but always. They hate being pawed at, overpetted. or drooled over with baby talk. If they sit on your lap, consider yourself very lucky.

These neat, tidy cats appear dainty and refined regardless of gender. You’ll rarely see them with sprawled legs akimbo in the unsightly poses of some LOLcats. Virgo kitties would likely frown on some LOLcats for their poor taste.

There is something distinctive about the way they move and walk. Gris Gris has an unusual jaunty gait, and all Virgos have a delicate way of stepping with their delicate paws. If cats ever develop opposable thumbs, Virgo or Gemini cats will be first.

Virgo cats’ attractive and expressive faces have delicate and even pointy or angular features. Their bright eyes often have an intelligent but pensive look of worry or concern, which sees through to your soul. Virgos are quicksilver fast, super-smart but hyper-alert to household friction. They hate loud noises and yelling. It’s best to reassure them in soothing tones that everything will be okay even if they know otherwise. For anyone interested in animal communication, Virgos are one of the best signs for telepathic communication, but they’re difficult to round up when it’s time to go to the vet! I’ve never had any behavioral issues with Gris Gris. I rarely need to call him verbally. He knows my intentions before I do. And all Virgos respond well to praise.

Never outwardly vain, Virgo kitties take pains to stay well-groomed and generally like being groomed with the appropriate brush for their type of fur. Virgo cats are fastidious about everything. They will turn their nose up at a dirty litter box and won’t hesitate to inform you with a surprise “gift” on the rug. If you want to make your Virgo kitty happy, make sure she has her own cat litter box in a quiet and private location. Don’t assault her sensitive sense of smell with strong scented litter. Unscented is best. Keep the litter box sparkling clean and scooped twice a day and you’ll be rewarded with happy purrs.

Virgo cats can be finicky about food, but not in a fussy pampered Leo way. They like what they like, and if they’re happy, don’t change their food. When stressed they are prone to digestive woes like vomiting and diarrhea. They don’t care if their food and water bowls are fancy, but keep them squeaky clean. A pretty nonstick mat under their bowls to keep them from sliding would be appreciated.

As far as beds or kitty condos, they like a spot of their own to nap and perch but don’t need anything fancy, fussy or expensive. With their laser-like focus, they are master mousers and enjoy problem-solving games.

What Virgo cats need above all is consistent routine and order. They want a place for everything and everything in its place. Don’t keep moving the furniture around. They’ll nudge you if dinner is five minutes late and won’t be amused if you stumble home at 2 a.m. Paradoxically they’ll look calm, hiding their anxious interior, but then vomit in your shoe.

Virgo are caretakers. They thrive on having some kind of work, whether mousing, grooming you, helping with computer tasks, “snoopervising” imaginary intruders, and caretaking other cats or yourself. If you’re ill, a Virgo will purr and coddle until you’re feeling better. Gris Gris loves being our blind-cat Merlin’s seeing-eye cat and herds him like a Border Collie.

If you respect these bright, independent souls (and, yes, they don’t mind being solo kitties), they’ll reward you with their quiet intelligence, devotion, sly humor and acrobatic elegance. Lastly, they prefer bookish types over party animals.

About the author: Layla Morgan Wilde is a holistic cat behaviorist, an award-winning writer/photographer and founder of the premier online magazine Cat Wisdom 101. A passionate advocate for cats, she founded the Toronto-based Annex Cat Rescue in 1997. In addition to her blogging at Cat Wisdom 101, she blogs at Boomer Muse, contributes to and Nordic Spotlight. Wilde is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She lives in Westchester County, NY with four cats.

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