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Recently, I got the chance to try out some customized and personalized cat food dishes for my two princesses, Freyja and Lucipurr. I jumped at the chance! Personalise reached out to me on Twitter and I responded straight away. They make a huge variety of different items, all customized and personalized to make a perfect fit for any recipient ÔÇô- even cats!

The website tells you how long each item will take to customize and send out. My bowls were going to take three to five days to make and customize, which isn’t very long at all.The company is based in the UK, but are able to ship to the U.S.A if you absolutely must have these adorable and functional food and water bowls. I know I definitely would ÔÇô- I’m trying to talk myself out of getting even more bowls.

For this first test, though, I decided to get one personalized for each of my girls and have them be the real judges. Here’s what my cats decided. Are the bowls from Personalise UK up to “sniff”?

Step 1. The bowls arrive

I was so excited when my bowls arrived! I had requested the "Drawing" design for Lucipurr, and the pink version of the "Fish Bone" design for Freyja. Since the bowls were customizable, I wanted them to match the personality of my girls! Freyja is a bit of a spoiled bratty princess, so she HAD to have the cutesy pink bowl. Lucipurr is more of a rough and tumble daredevil, so the "Drawing" bowl was a better fit for her. You can also choose if you want the bowls to say they are for food or water. I chose food because both of my girls prefer to drink water from their fountain or the tap itself.

There was a tiny sticker on the bottom of each bowl, which gave me some more basic product information. They instructed me to wash them before use, which, being a bit of an anxious cat mama, I was already doing when I spotted the stickers! Now, after washing it was a bit hard to make out, but given the bowls are customized and ceramic, I’m guessing it said "do not microwave" and "do not put in dishwasher."

Step 2. Replacing the old bowls

The girls were a little confused at first about what was going on. They’ve had the same bowls their entire lives with me, so it took a little while for them to be sure about eating from the new ones. The new ones are also a totally different shape. Their old ones have two bowls — one for water or cat milk and one for food. These new ones are just one shallow but wide bowl. They do each have their "own" bowls, so I replaced them in the same position they were used to. Lucipurr was the first to investigate, which I had expected, as she’s very adventurous! She did go to the correctly labeled bowl, which made me squeal with happiness.

Step 3: Observe the kitties

Next step was to watch them eat! Freyja is the type of cat who sometimes insists on being pet while she eats, so this part was pretty easy. I was even able to get a few pictures, which is harder than it sounds. One definite plus to these bowls is their shape — both our girls have been getting a little chubby, because we like to keep their bowls constantly full, so they don’t feel like they are in danger of running out of food. We have started limiting it to breakfast and dinner, and these bowls make that even easier. The shape of them means the food is nicely spread out, so even though they are given the same amount, they take a lot longer to eat it, and the "bottom of the bowl" panic doesn’t happen until it’s really all gone. The bowls were both the same size and shape. They both measure about 16.7 cm across and 3.9 cm deep. Perfect!

Step 4: Give it a week

I wanted to test the durability of the bowls as well, not to mention the general cleanliness. Our old food bowls would get absolutely gross looking quickly, probably because of the material. These bowls are ceramic, and they passed the test of time with flying colors! There’s almost no sign of wear or tear from a week of use. The bowls are nearly as clean as they were after I washed them before use. They’re also a lot more aesthetically pleasing on our kitchen than the cheap plastic ones we had before.

I’d give these personalized food bowls 10 paws out of 10! They’re cute, the cats are eating healthier because of the sizes, they’re customizable, they’re durable, they’re easy to hand wash. You can order your own personalized bowls, in even more varieties than I reviewed here, from Personalise UK.

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About the author: Hana lives in Belfast after moving from the U.S. of A. with her two spoiled kittens, two chubby rats, and one cheeky husband. Hana works in admin but occasionally goes on tour working for an Austrian death metal band. When she’s not putting up road-weary punk rockers and metallers, you can find her taking the cats around town in their stroller, whipping up new recipes, or playing way too many video games. She writes at Mommyish and Catster. Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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