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I’m Dreaming About My Cat: The Meaning Behind This

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

woman sleeping in bed with her cat

I’m Dreaming About My Cat: The Meaning Behind This

If you find yourself dreaming about your cat, or any cat for that matter, rest assured that you are not alone. Cats can come to our dreams in a variety of ways. They might be in your vicinity, they may be cuddling up and looking cute, or they might even be trying to attack you!

However, the things happening in our dreams are not always as they seem. A cat attacking you in a dream likely isn’t about an attack at all, at least in the physical sense. Are you wondering what dreams about your cat might mean? Nobody can tell you exactly. However, we can take a look at what dreams are all about and some interpretations that might be representative of your own dreams about your kitty.

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What Does It Mean to Dream?

People dream every night, even if most dreams are never recalled once awake. Although researchers study dreaming, dreams are still quite mysterious to even the most knowledgeable. The mysteriousness of dreams is perhaps what makes the idea of what they’re all about so interesting. Depending on which expert you’re talking to, the idea of what dreams are and why we have them can differ.

One reason there is still a barrier when it comes to understanding dreams is that dreams are often forgotten soon after waking. While brain activity can be monitored during sleep, there is no way to tap in and see what people are dreaming about. Those who dream are relied on to share their dreams accurately.

From what experts can gather, dreams are a way for the brain to think, remember, and categorize information in a biochemical state that is different than the state utilized during waking hours. The emotional and visual areas of the brain are predominantly used while dreaming. Linear and logical thinking tends to go out the window. So, dreams can mean various things, and they can sometimes mean nothing at all.

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The 4 General Interpretations of Why You Might Be Dreaming About Your Cat

There are a few reasons why you might be dreaming about your cat, and the trick is to figure out what reasons are the most relevant to you and your personal circumstances. Do any of the following insights seem to resonate with you?

1. You’re Looking for More Independence

Cats are independent, and some psychologists believe that when humans have cat dreams, they’re doing so because they yearn for more independence and want to become less dependent on others. The cat can be a symbol of your independence, but so can any element of your dream, such as the actions, colors, and objects that stand out.

2. You’re Feeling Misled

Cats are known for being curious, and they’re thought by some to bring bad luck. With those ideas in mind, it’s possible that a dream about your kitty can mean that you are feeling deceived in some way. If your dream seems mysterious, shady, or nefarious, it could be that someone is lying to you, or you’re lying to yourself.

woman sleeping on bed with her cat
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3. Your Intuition Is Calling

Some believe cats are intuitive and can teach humans a lot about themselves and even the world around them. So, a dream you’re having about your cat may be more about something your intuition is trying to tell you. You may find hints in your dream that can lead you to the message your intuition has for you, such as the specific actions of your cat or how you interact with your surroundings.

4. You’re Exploring Your Feminine Energy

Felines have long been thought to represent feminine energy since they are typically mysterious, nurturing, and submissive animals. They tend to love attention and want to be affectionate with those they are closest to. Men must tap into their feminine energy to ensure deep emotional connections with friends and loved ones. So, if a cat in your dream is gracefully passing by, dancing, or wearing something feminine, chances are that your dream is telling you to tap into your feminine side.

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What Some Cat Dreams May Signify

Some dreams are associated with interpretations, whether due to culture, spiritual belief, or anecdotal evidence that people have the same types of dreams with the same perceived outcomes. Here are the most prevalent interpretations:

Dreaming of a Playful Cat

If your cat is being playful in your dream, it could be a sign of good fortune! A cat playing in your dream is a cue to work on being more lighthearted. A dream like this could mean that you’re taking life too seriously or that you need a break from the stresses of life. It might mean you are not enjoying life as much as you should. It could even signal that you should work on turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Being Attacked by a Cat in a Dream

It can be unsettling to dream about your cat trying to attack you, especially if the reason for their aggression is unclear. However, this type of dream has nothing to do with your cat wanting to attack you in real life. Instead, it’s likely to mean that you are experiencing a fear of being assaulted, whether physically or mentally. The dream could also signify a lack of trust you have in someone.

Dreaming About Kittens

If you dream that your cat has kittens (even if they happen to be male), it may represent a sense of vulnerability in your awakened life. Kittens are different from adult cats in that they aren’t independent, self-assured, or self-reliant. So, watching kittens be born in your dream could mean that there is something in your life you need to protect or that you are feeling vulnerable and in need of protection yourself.

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Keep in Mind That Dream Interpretations Aren’t Set in Stone

While interpretations of dreams about your cat can be intriguing and fun, it’s essential to keep in mind that they are not definitive answers for determining why you’re dreaming. A dream could mean one of multiple things, if anything at all. Still, by having interpretations to refer to, you can open your mind and learn more about what might be going through your head when you’re dreaming about your cat.

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