Can We Please Talk About the Insanely Weird Places Our Cats Sleep?


It’s a warm summer night with a light breeze blowing through the air. It’s very quiet outside and you can hear the crickets, bullfrogs, and locusts singing their nightly songs. As I walk through my backyard, I glance in the direction of the driveway. I see five silhouettes lying comfortably on the pavement underneath the streetlamp’s glow. It’s a cool and safe place for them to lounge after their evening meal. It’s a matter of behavior. They know our routine and know we are settling in for the night. No cars will enter the driveway for the rest of the evening, and the garage door is always partially open if they need to get some extra morsels. Yes, for the feral cats I take care of, this is an ideal environment for their evening siesta.

By morning, the driveway is vacant of all kitties. Some have gone off exploring for the day. Some will stay and lounge in the garage waiting for their breakfast. Some will rest on top of the cars or in one of the beds that are there for them inside the garage. It seems that each one has his or her own sleeping routine. Some prefer the comfortable beds, some prefer the higher locations, and others prefer to rest as close to the food bowls as possible.

It made me wonder. Do all cats really have a preference of where they like to sleep?

I have other friends who have indoor/outdoor cats. They allow their cats to investigate and lounge in the great outdoors during the day and bring them inside at night. You mostly find their cats lounging on the back deck or front porch during the day. They enjoy a little sunbathing and then they’re off to find a shady spot to cool down. They lay on the arm railings of chairs, on steps, on lawn furniture or other comfy places that are available to them outside. At night, they follow the same routines as the indoor-only cats. Usually, they prefer the most comfortable and warm spot they can find. This often coincides with the same comfy and warm spots that their human companions like to enjoy.

Other friends of mine have indoor-only cats. The closest they get outdoors is a window sill or an enclosed back deck. They provide all sorts of wonderful cat-friendly items for them to sleep on. Some have heated kitty beds that are close to the air vent in order to keep their cats cozy in the winter months. Some will place cooling pads inside the beds to keep them cool in the summer. Some have padded and carpeted ledges that attach beneath the window that allow their cat to bask in the sunshine. Many provide extra tall cat trees, knowing that cats like high places.

From my observations, these wonderful items that were purchased for their cats seldom get used. Instead, you’ll find their cats under the beds upstairs where it is dark and quiet. They’ll be at the foot of the bed sleeping on a freshly kneaded blanket. They’ll be resting on their favorite family member’s pillow enjoying the scent and cushioning. Or, they’ll be lying next to or on a family member while they’re sitting on the couch watching television, or in their bed sleeping at night. Often the cat becomes a warm purring headpiece while their human companion is sleeping.

Some of the places that cats prefer to sleep don’t look comfortable at all but, they seem to enjoy them. I’ve seen cats sleep on clothes dryers, televisions and stereo equipment. Perhaps it’s the warmth they emit or the consistent humming sounds they make. I’ve seen cats lounging on shower rods, curtain rods, overhead support beams, and kitchen cabinet tops. It doesn’t look comfortable or safe, but it provides a great vantage point from which to keep an eye on things going on in the house.

For my feral cats, nothing beats a warm car engine from a friend who has come over for a visit. Of course, upon leaving, they are required to perform a few knocks on the hood of the car, a couple of horn honks and a headcount of all cats that are in for the night. Usually they leave well before these steps need to be taken. However, it makes me and everyone else feel a lot better to perform this ritual before leaving.

Yes, cats will choose to sleep in a lot of interesting places around the house. Or, as the old saying goes: Where do your cats like to sleep? Anywhere they choose.

Where does your cat choose to sleep? What strange places do your cats take their naps? Share your stories and pictures on Catster.

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