5 Things I Love About My Cats’ Noses


Kitty noses! I’m a sucker for all parts of a cat’s body, but today I’d like to salute the sweet little nose. There’s not much more adorable on a cat’s anatomy than that little triangle of adorableness that sits squarely in the middle of a cat’s face.

Cat nose, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways — here are five of them.

1. Hearing them purr against my ear

Cosmo’s my little man who wants to be the center of my world. And of course he is, and not just because I’m the dead center of his. When he’s chilling with me, he’s often vibrating with mega purrs. My favorite thing to do when he’s purring is to press his buzzing nose against my ear and feel the sizzling vibration. Sometimes I pretend he’s telling me secrets that are embedded in the purrs. Don’t even ask me — I’ll never tell.

2. Nose kisses

When Cosmo’s nose is wet and he’s feeling extra relaxed, I lean in and rub noses with him … and he lets me do it! In fact, he closes his eyes and sinks into the nose-rub love. He’ll often let me continue with the rubbing business for nearly a whole minute. Can you believe it? Pure heaven.

3. Rubbing the silkiness

The bridge of Saffy’s nose is pure silk. When she’s blissed-out, I like to run my finger from the top of her triangle nose to the area between her eyes and then back down again. It’s so incredibly soft, and she loves it when I give her a little nose massage. If it were possible for her to reach a new level of blissed-out-ness, it would be during silky-nose-rub time.

4. The colors and texture

I adore the texture of a cat nose. It’s leathery, yet soft and sensitive. It’s sometimes wet and sometimes warm — and even the shapes differ slightly from cat to cat. Phoebe’s nose never fails to entertain me with its overwhelming cuteness. It’s primarily pinkish in color with dark accents around parts of the edge. I’ve been known to park myself beside her and become completely absorbed (not literally — gross) in her nose. It’s like a precious work of art. If I catch her when she’s sleepy, she even lets me touch it without too much fussing on her part. That’s better than any fancy art museum if you ask me.

5. Hearing them sniff my hair

Call me weird (go ahead), but I love it when my cats sniff my hair. I’m not exactly sure why they do it, but it amuses me to no end, and also gives me slight goosebumps. They sniff it when it’s clean and they sniff it when it’s dirty. When their sniffy noses move close to my ear, I become especially tickled. Cosmo is the primary hair-sniffer (surprise), but they’ve all been known to huff the locks. Hey, I guess my cats and I are members of the society of mutual huffers.

What do you like best about your cat’s nose? Tell us in the comments!

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