Booger the Cat Survived Being Shot With an Arrow


0-Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0 (2)Booger is a ginger-and-white cat who was shot with an arrow.

Yes, you read that right: It is 2015, and someone thought nothing of taking a bow and arrow and shooting at a kitty.

This latest senseless act follows a year where a contemptible vet decided to pose for a selfie with a feral cat she shot through the head with an arrow, while another cat, Oliver, was used as target practice and shot with a gun 25 times.

You might also recall the case of Cupid, who was similarly shot with an arrow back in 2011.

This picture of Booger with the arrow should speak volumes:

Image via Facebook.

According to the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, Booger was found under someone’s deck in Kalamo Township, Michigan, in an obviously injured state on the morning of Oct. 5.

The cat had been shot with a crossbow bolt [arrow], the bolt had a target tip,” the report states.

Image via Facebook.

After being taken to the Capital Area Humane Society‘s facility, the kitty was sent to the Lansing Veterinary Medical Center, where Dr. Mark Williamson began surgery to remove the arrow from the cat’s chest.

Image via Facebook.

Booger’s owners had been tracked down by this point. As they couldn’t afford Booger’s medical bills, a fundraiser was quickly set up (and fulfilled) to help him receive the care and attention he needed.

Image via Facebook.

While Booger was in surgery, the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the case, looking to “determine the facts and circumstances involving the shooting of this pet and who is responsible.” (For any amateur legal enthusiasts, it’s Act 38 of the Michigan Penal Code that you’ll want to buff up on.)

Image via Facebook.

At the moment, there is a $5,000 reward on offer for any information helping to lead to the arrest and conviction of Booger’s assailant.

Image via Facebook.

Amazingly, Booger seems to have made an outstanding recovery from his ordeal. “We are happy to report that Booger is walking around, eating, and loving the attention he is receiving from our staff,” reads an update from the Capital Area Humane Society’s Facebook page. The One Green Planet organization add that there was no sign of any “labored breathing” (which may have indication a lung condition).

Booger also seems to be sporting one of those trendy half-shaved haircuts that I believe are all the rage these days.

Image via Facebook.

Visit the Capital Area Humane Society’s Facebook page for updates on Booger’s story. We’ll also keep you updated on any developments in the hunt for his attacker.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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