Monk and Bean Are 2 Black Cats Who Rescued Their Human


We recently shone a little spotlight on Burma, one of the world’s foremost adventure cats. Well, it turns out Burma is pals with a couple of other social media sensations. They go by the names of Monk and Bean, and one of them is an excellent vampire cat.

Here’s your introduction to their world.

Monk and Bean’s arrival

Image via monkandbean Instagram

“I was headed home from a back procedure when Monk darted in front of my mother’s car,” says the cat’s human, Nicole, when asked to recount how this fanged feline came to live with her. “At the time I was being treated for chronic pain and grieving the loss of my father and a good friend. He was exactly what my heart needed.”

When it comes to Bean, he was rescued a year later. Born to a feral mom, he went through the foster system before taking a chance on Monk’s crib.

“The second I brought him home, the bond between him and Monk was instant,” says Nicole. “It was as though they were meant for each other — they’ve been best friends since day one.”

Up close with Monk and Bean

Image via monkandbean Instagram

Summing up Monk’s personality, Nicole says, “Monk is quite spunky, full of energy, curiosity, a little bit of attitude and endless silliness.”

By comparison, Bean is said to be a laid back chap who’s easy going and super sweet.

“He’s a mama’s boy and a true lap cat,” testifies Nicole.

All’s well in love and war

Image via monkandbean Instagram

When Monk and Bean get together, they engage in daily play fights — which usually kick off after Monk instigates things.

“But then Bean puts the smackdown on Monk from time to time,” adds Nicole with a laugh.

Once the rough-and-tumble shenanigans are over, though, they revert back to being an inseparable couple of cats who can be found peacefully cuddling and grooming their afternoons away.

Let’s talk about vampire cats

As you’ll have noticed by now, Monk claims a pretty spectacular pair of fangs.

Image via monkandbean Instagram

“On a day-to-day basis, Monk being a vampire is quite the challenge as his human is obsessed with his cuteness and smothers his fang face with kisses constantly,” says Nicole.

Image via monkandbean Instagram

This, apparently, annoys the heck out of our fanged feline.

The black cat issue

Image via monkandbean Instagram

Unfortunately, black cats in the United States are burdened with an image issue that means they’re the felines with the lowest adoption rate. This is something that Monk and Bean are out to change.

“When I talked to them about the bad rap black cats get, they were very upset,” says Nicole. “They can’t understand how anyone would consider them bad luck, especially after I tell them every day that they are rescue angels that were sent to me.

“If they could tell the world a message, they would want everyone to know that black cats are affectionate, playful, loving and silly like any other cat.”

Then she adds, “They also want people to know that they go with any outfit and match any household decor — black cats are always in style!”

Head over to Monk and Bean’s Instagram account to check out more of their antics.

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