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9 Best Cat Litter Boxes in Australia in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

cat inside Belvie Pets cat Litter Box

9 Best Cat Litter Boxes in Australia in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

cat inside Belvie Pets cat Litter Box There is a crazy range of litter boxes out there on the market. Thankfully for you, we’ve done all the hard research to find some of the top-rated litter boxes in Australia. We’ve gone on to compile them in this accessible collection, followed by an informative buyers guide so you can start your search for the perfect litter box off on the right foot!

Each product on this list is backed by handfuls of positive reviews and top ratings. Real cat owners have tried, tested, and reviewed each product to help you make an informed decision.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Petmate Giant Litter Pan Petmate Giant Litter Pan
  • High sides to keep litter contained
  • Dipped front entry for easy access
  • Simple design for easy use
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan
  • Stain-resistant
  • Sifting tray for easy clean
  • Framed pan sides contain spills
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box PetSafe Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
  • Automatically cleaning
  • Best used with crystal litter
  • Contained soiled portion controls odor
  • Best for Kittens
    SmartCat Corner Litter Box SmartCat Corner Litter Box
  • Dipped entry for ease of access
  • Corner shape for a sense of security
  • High sides to contain litter
  • Belvie Pets Cat Litter Box Belvie Pets Cat Litter Box
  • Stylish design
  • Non-stick material for easy clean
  • Curved shape to reduce litter attachment
  • The 9 Best Cat Litter Boxes in Australia

    1. Petmate Giant Cat Litter Pan – Best Overall

    Petmate Giant Cat Litter Pan

    Box type: Open, top entry
    Size: 9cm x 46.5cm x 25.5cm

    Sometimes less is more! Even with the extensive range of sophisticated litter box gadgets, we found that a simple box came in as our best cat litter box. Without all the bells and whistles, this giant litter tray from Petsafe hits all the marks for a classic litter box.

    In addition, it’s extra-large, and its sides are twice as high as a regular box, making it contain all the flying bits of litter that pet owners struggle with. With less litter debris in the surrounding area, reviews state that clean-up was much easier than it once was. The size is also suitable for elderly cats who struggle to keep their aim straight, the high sides keep in any stray streams.

    The front features a curved entry to allow even smaller cats access to this box. It may not be suitable for small kittens.

    All in all, we think this is the overall best cat litter box available in Australia this year.

    • High sides to keep litter contained
    • Dipped front entry for easy access
    • Simple design for easy use
    • Large size suits elderly cats
    • Large size makes for a more difficult cleanup
    • May not be suitable for small kittens

    2. Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Litter Box Pan – Best Value

    Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Litter Box Pan

    Box type: Open top, sifting
    Size: 3cm x 38.4cm x 20.3cm

    This sifting cat litter box from Van Ness is our top pick for being the best cat litter box for the money. For a very affordable price, you get more than just a regular box. This litter tray features a double layer pan to sift out soiled litter from clean litter, making your litter go further. The top pan also features curved frames to contain any flyaway litter during use.

    Reviews say it is perfect for pelleted wood litter and sifts soiled from clean magically. However, it is less suited to other litters with finer textures, and clumping litters become stuck in the pan.

    • Stain-resistant
    • Sifting tray for easy clean
    • Framed pan sides contain spills
    • Great for pellet litter
    • Affordable
    • Wastes a lot if using a fine litter
    • Clumping litter gets stuck

    3. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Premium Choice

    PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    Box type: Open top, self-cleaning
    Size: 7cm x 18.1cm x 71.1cm

    Now, if you want something a little bit fancy, you can’t beat a self-cleaning litter box. This box will automatically sweep away soiled litter and store it in a secure compartment. This way, instead of scooping and cleaning daily, you will only need to do so about once per week. The soiled litter tucked away also helps to control odor in the household.

    One cool feature of this litter box is that it counts the amount of time your cat uses the litter box. This is an excellent way for you to monitor your cat’s health, as the frequency of urination is linked to urinary and kidney health.

    However, this litter box is only suited for use with crystal litter. Other types of litter tend to get stuck in the mechanism of the self-cleaning portion.

    • Automatically cleaning
    • The contained soiled portion controls odor
    • Best used with crystal litter
    • Usage counter
    • Not suitable for litter other than crystal

    4. SmartCat 546000 Corner Cat Litter Box – Best for Kittens

    SmartCat 546000 Corner Cat Litter Box

    Box type: Open top, corner shaped
    Size: 7cm x 45.7cm x 22.9cm

    This corner-shaped litter box is our top pick for kittens. While many of our choices on this list can be used for kittens, this box was our top kitten pick. The high sides contain the mess a kitten makes when scratching in the box and the front features a low-dipped area for small kittens to easily access. While many of our picks on this list can be used for kittens, this box will help them with their litter box training.

    Reviews, however, state that this entry area still has a significant step that is not suitable for cats who struggle with mobility, such as those with arthritis. It also isn’t large enough for breeds of large cats to comfortably use.

    • Dipped entry for ease of access
    • Corner shape for a sense of security
    • High sides to contain litter
    • Not suitable for large breed cats
    • Arthritic cats struggle to get inside

    5. Belvie Pets Cat Litter Box

    Belvie Pets Cat Litter Box

    Box type: Closed top, front entry
    Size: 4cm x 53.3cm x 52.1cm

    This closed-top litter box is as stylish as it is functional. It acts as a regular litter box inside, with ample space for cats of all sizes. It has a covered top that creates privacy for your cat while doing their business and controls odors.

    Its “spaceship” design is less of an eyesore than boxy litter trays. Still, its odd shape means it takes up more space as it cannot be slid away into a corner. On the other hand, the box contains air vents to keep it fresh, and it’s made of non-stick plastic, which makes cleaning simple and easy.

    • Stylish design
    • Curved shape to reduce litter attachment
    • Non-stick material for easy clean
    • Takes up a lot of space

    6. Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Portable Cat Litter Box

    Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box with Collapsible Bowl

    Box type: Portable, open-top
    Size: 6cm x 30.5cm x 12.7cm

    This cat litter box is specifically made for travel. It is made to fold down and pack away discreetly, meaning it is easy to travel with. This way, you can make your travel with your cat as comfortable as possible, by setting up this tray in airports, hotels, or caravans.

    As a bonus, it comes with a free collapsible bowl you can use for food or water. While targeted for cats, some owners have also used this for their small dog breeds. The box is smaller than a standard litter box, so it is not comfortable for long-term use with a large breed cat.

    • Folds down for easy transport
    • Comes with a free collapsible pet bowl
    • Also functional for small dogs
    • Affordable
    • Small size
    • Flimsy

    7. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

    Good Pet Stuff, The Original Hidden Litter Box, Artificial Plants & Enclosed Cat Planter Litter Box, Vented & Odor Filter, Easy to Clean, Mocha Brown New

    Box type: Closed top, hidden box
    Size: 3cm x 48.3cm x 50.8cm

    This unique design will surely impress both cats and guests alike. It is designed to look like a real clay pot with a potted palm above. It has a generous entryway that is easily hidden by simply turning the opening away from the center of the room. Inside hides a large litter box area.

    While undoubtedly an incredible design, there are some pitfalls. The two-piece design is reviewed to be challenging to open and close, making cleaning out this litter box more fiddly than a simple open litter box. However, the filtration system and closed-top design help control your cat’s odors, so you neither must smell nor see their mess.

    • The hidden design resembles a real plant and pot
    • Spacious interior
    • Filter system for ventilation
    • Difficult to clean

    8. Cat Litter Box Large Pan

    Petmate Open Cat Litter Box, Extra Large Nonstick Litter Pan Durable Standard Litter Box, Mouse Grey Great for Small & Large Cats Easy to Clean, Made in USA New

    Box type: Top and front entry, closed lid
    Size: 8cm x 40.9cm x 37.8cm

    This enclosure cat litter box is unique as it has two access points. It has a standard flap at the front as well as an exit hole at the top. This is reviewed to be excellent at reducing the litter mess around the box. When they jump out, they don’t track litter from their feet onto the surrounding flooring.

    Some cats who are used to a simple, flat, open litter box may take some extra time to transition to this litter box but may come to prefer the privacy they get in a closed litter box like this. The added ventilation in the top panel means that dust and debris are controlled inside the box for a more comfortable experience for your cat.

    • Easy to assemble
    • The foldable design is portable
    • Top exit reduces litter mess
    • Takes cats some time to adjust to

    9. PaWz Cat Litter Box

    PaWz Cat Litter Box

    Box type: Front entry, top exit, sifting, closed lid
    Size: 56cm x 47cm x 42cm

    This closed box litter tray has all the bells and whistles that make for a tidy litter box in the home. The closed lid design contains flying litter as your cat scratches about in the box. However, due to the open hole as the exit point, reviewers say that odors aren’t well contained like other closed lid boxes.

    The front entry and top exit are designed to reduce the tracking of litter through the house. The top is textured to help remove stray litter from your cat’s feet as they exit. Many reviewers state that it took their cats some time to get used to leaving through the top hole, so they had to remove the one-way front flap over the entry until they adjusted.

    • Easy to clean
    • Tracker texture to remove extra litter
    • Come in four different colors
    • It doesn’t control odor well
    • Cats need to adjust to the top exit

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Cat Litter Box

    Who knew there were so many different types of litter boxes, huh? Each type of litter box has its own unique combination of features, and while we’ve picked out our favorite products, the litter box that will suit your cat and your home will depend on your circumstances and your cat’s preferences.

    Read through our cat litter box buyers guide to help you find the right direction for your next litter box!

    Types of Cat Litter Boxes

    Simple open tray

    These are the traditional litter boxes, a simple tray that is open for easy access. As you’ll see, a traditional litter box is what topped our list today after our thorough review process. The simplicity of a conventional tray is sometimes hard to beat. The fewer features a box has, the fewer things can go wrong! When looking at traditional litter trays, take note of the size, the height of the sides, and the entry point to see how comfortable it will be for your cat.

    Closed lid

    Closed lid litter boxes are increasing in popularity as more and more owners are keeping their cats exclusively indoors. Without the option to do their business outside, the litterbox in the house can quickly become dirty, and odors can travel freely around the home. Closed lid boxes are favored for their ability to contain some of the airborne odors.

    Cats also love a closed lid box for the extra privacy it gives them, mainly if the litter box is in a high traffic area or you have a multi-pet household. Nothing like the peace of doing your business in private!

    Top exit

    Some of the products on our list today featured the front-entry, top-exit system. This system is designed to help reduce the tracking of litter in the home. When cats exit from the front, they often bring tidbits of litter on their paws and long hair. The top exit can help control this.


    Sifting systems are best used to remove fecal matter or all soiled clumping litter. Sifting trays separate large pieces from small general litter, making cleaning a lot easier for the owner than rummaging through the litter box with a shovel. It also means you will need to do an entire cleanout less often, making your litter supplies go further.


    Considered the luxury of litter boxes, self-cleaning litter boxes are great for cats and cat owners alike. As neat freaks, cats love a clean litter box! For cats, a self-cleaning litter box means that their litter box will always be fresh and empty even when they are left alone for long periods. Self-cleaning is also ideal for busy owners as cleaning is much less frequent as self-cleaning boxes will store soiled litter in a separate and secure compartment to be emptied occasionally.

    cat stepping out of PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    The Right Litter Box for Your Cat

    The most important consideration when choosing a litter box is your cat’s preferences and ability. Will they use it? Can they use it? There is no point in having a fancy litter box if it is not suited for your cat.

    Here are some things to think about:
    • Accessibility: Consider how easy the box is to get into and out of. This is important for kittens, elderly cats, and cats with disabilities. Some boxes may not be easy for them to get into and out of easily.
    • Size: Cats come in all shapes and sizes, and their litter boxes should reflect that. Cats need ample space in their litter boxes to comfortable turn and move about. They also need space to dig about. The bigger the size of your cat, the bigger space box they may need.
    • Privacy: Some cats have very little shame and will happily use the litter box if it was placed in the center of your living room! However, many other cats only like to do their business in private. Consider the privacy a litter box can give to your cat, especially if there are no suitable quiet places for an open box in your home, in which case a closed box may be more suited.

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    After our thorough reviews, we picked a classic litter box as our favorite overall. The Petmate Giant Litter Pan was a stand-out. Sophisticated in its simplicity, it is highly reviewed as a product that does the job it needs to and does it well. Its large size is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes, and its high sides keep your home tidy!

    For best value, we really loved the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan. It’s a step up from the traditional litter box with a double tray system to help make cleaning a breeze. It also holds a host of great reviews from happy customers.

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